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We are so happy to announce that Miami’s very popular Bocas Grill has finally arrived to Orlando bringing its fusion of vibrant Latin contemporary food, with an addition of a full bar.

The Venezuelan restaurant features all the classic favorites like arepas, wagyu burgers, and the crazy shakes they are known for like the churro shake.

Bocas Grill & Bar is a classy establishment with unforgettable high quality flavors, it is exactly what Orlando needed.  All meats are USDA prime.

Strawberry Juice

Appetizer Sampler – 8 mini Arepas, 5 Cheese Fingers, White Guayanés Cheese, Cream, Cilantro Aioli

Arepa Llanera – Beef, Chopped Avocado,  Tomato, Red Onions, and Soft White Cheese

La Levin Truffle Burger – 10 ounces of hand-cut Picanha 100% Wagyu with Lettuce, Tomato, Truffle Oil, Ketchup, Bacon, and Truffle Mayonnaise on a homemade black Bun

Churros with Nutella, Condensed Milk, Dulce De Leche

Bocas Grill Milkshake – Chocolate Flips Milkshake with Nutella and Flips all around the rim, crowned with Galleta María, a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, a Nutella Brownie Donut, Brigadeiro de Toddy and a homemade Nutella popsicle on top

Follow @bocasgrill on instagram and be sure to visit them soon and meet all of their delicious flavors!  Reservations are recommended.


Bocas Grill & Bar
7600 Dr Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 723-8351

This past weekend Spoleto continued the summer fun with Spoleto Fest, a complimentary, two-day culinary celebration for all.  The event began on Saturday with a unique culinary experience where guests enjoyed samplings of Spoleto’s menu items, wine and live music, followed by a family fun day featuring “kids eat free,” raffles, games, face painting and more, on Sunday.

This pasta festival was a fun yet budget-friendly way to feed and entertain the entire family as the kids are about to go back to school after summer.

We loved attending the event and enjoyed the tasty dishes that Spoleto has to offer.  We had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to coming back to Spoleto Fest next year.  Check out our pictures below!

The line for Spoleto Fest – Windermere.  Back in June, they fed 700 people at their Spoleto Fest – Winter Park event.

Free ravioli sample while waiting in line.

Won a bag from the Spoleto prize wheel while waiting in line!

Almost there!  It was worth the wait.

The ingredients are fresh and organic.  After being selected, they get sautéed then tossed in pasta.

Superior customer service – friendly and quick.

My Spoleto creation!

Pasta: Fettuccine Noodles
Sauce: Alfredo
Six ingredients: Broccoli, Truffle Roasted Mushrooms, Roasted Red Onions, Baby Spinach, Kalamata Olives, and Zucchini, Sautéed in Pesto
Garnished with: Minced Cilantro & Red Chili Peppers

Be sure to check out the new Spoleto in Windermere – or check out one near you!

Spoleto – Windermere
4750 The Grove Dr. Windermere, FL 34786
Phone: (407) 217-2756

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Pinch Factory, Miami’s own born and bred fast casual success story, announces the opening of its first franchise store in Dr. Phillips on Friday, March 31st. This marks the first in the Orlando, FL area.

Co-owner Nedal Ahmad launched the original Pincho Factory in 2010 with his partners/cousins Otto Othman and Nizam Ahmad with only $6.27 in their bank account.


With the balance of $6.27, they decided to have their own brew of 627 Ale locally brewed by Lynwood Brewery in Miami and is offered on tap in Orlando, FL as well as the other locations of Pincho Factory.

This craft has notes of citrus thanks to the key lime and coriander used during its brewing. This beer can be paired easily with many dishes at Pincho Orlando.


Pincho entrees are cooked to order with all natural ingredients that are antibiotic and hormone free. You will start with a base: pita wrap, sandwich, rice bowl, or salad. Top it with a pincho: chicken, steak or shrimp. Then pick a style of how it is made.

The chicken was a tad dry, so make sure you have a bit of citrus to make it juicy for every bite.


If you are not in the mood for big meal and would like an appetizer made up of only a protein item, try some single pinchos. Single pinchos can either be chicken, steak or shrimp served on a skewer with a dipping sauce on the side.


The Chicken Pincho was very tender and juicy.


The Steak Pincho was a tad dry and gamey due to being overly well done. It may give an impression of being lamb to some; however, don’t be fooled because it is beef.


The Pincho Burger consist of beef that is certified humanely raised and handled from a select 250 US family farms. It is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, potato sticks, and a secret pink sauce.

Make sure to mention that you would like it medium or medium rare for the best flavors. If not, it may come out too dry for your liking.


The Toston Burger is very dense because it uses 2 fried plantains as the “buns” before topped with jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and homemade cilantro sauce. The cilantro sauce is delicious on its own and pulls this burger together.


The Egg’in Burger is topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro sauce, and a fried egg. It is delicious as the juices of the burger joins with the yolk of the egg to create a dance of flavors and textures on your tongue.


The Cartel Dog, like other dogs at Pincho Factory, is made with 100% kosher beef. It consists of chopped bacon, cheddar cheese, mango sauce, potato sticks and a secret pink sauce.

This was one of my favorite dishes at Pincho Factory besides the Toston Burger and Egg’in Burger. The beef had wonderful flavors and the texture was just how I like it.


The classic fries and sweet potato tots are some from Pincho Factory voted as #1 fries in South Florida by Channel 10 viewers. The sweet potato tots at Pincho Factory are some of the best I have had in Florida. They are sweet, creamy and delicious for a cheat day for those who don’t fancy fried foods.


Cajun Fries consists of fries that are the same as the classic fries, but topped with grilled onions, cajun seasoning, and a secret pink sauce. Cajun fries are my favorite fries, but I am not sure if these are my favorite. Sometimes, simplicity truly goes far. However, this is a great item to share with friends after a few drinks.

This opening week will consist of Pincho Moments on Instagram. Diners will be asked to post their favorite Pincho moment eating any signature item with the hashtag #PinchoOrlando.

Each day, one winner will be selected and have their post featured on the company’s digital billboard located at 7600 Dr. Phillips Boulevard. Winners will also receive a Pincho swag bag complete with an owner’s card (aka black card) which offers 50% off each visit at any Pincho Factory location for one year.

Pincho Factory is located at

7600 Dr. Phillips Boulevard, Suite 102, Orlando, FL.

Telephone: (407) 745-4462.

Complimentary parking available.



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This week, Tasty Chomps was invited to BRAVO! Cucina Italiana to try meals from their Summer Fixe Menu, which offers a salad, an entrée and a dessert for each meal. To say the least, our visit was delightful.


The staff was welcoming, accommodating and genuine from having small talk to offering recommendations for their favorite dishes. Also, when he was available, Chef Matt Grimes came to our table to present our dishes to us. I managed to convince Chef Grimes into taking some portraits.


While we waited for our dishes, bread was served fresh from the oven with a herb oil dip. The bread was so warm, moist, fluffy, and a little chewy to my liking. How did Bravo! know my preferences? I’m not sure. Needless to say, we had a few baskets of this delicious bread.


The Chopped Salad included chopped greens, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, olives, Feta, and red wine vinaigrette. It is the essential and basic salad for a simple choice with very fresh ingredients.


The Insalata Della Casa consisted of chopped greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, bacon, crispy pasta, and Parmesan dressing. I prefer this salad as the smokey bacon adds more texture, while the Parmesan dressing was tossed with the right amount.


The Pasta Fra Diabolo was made up of a spicy tomato cream sauce, campanile pasta and shrimp. The cream sauce is made by mixing Marinara and Alfredo sauce to obtain its silky smooth texture. The pasta was cooked to perfection and there was a generous number of shrimp. Finding out that I am allergic to shrimp, Chef Grimes offered to make me a portion to try without shrimp and went back into the kitchen to make me some right away – now that is service. I am so glad I was able to try this entrée as it made my day and was my favorite main course item.


The Chicken Milanese is a Romano-crusted chicken breast with Mozzarella served on a Pomodoro sauce and herb linguini. The Comodoro sauce is mild and does not overpower the flavors of the linguini. The linguini was also prepared correctly and seasoned by herbs for a nice fresh flavor. I believe the chicken was moist, but a bit salty; I suggest eating it with the Pomodoro sauce as a balance.


Chef Brittany’s Cannoli Crumble is a deconstructed Bravo!’s twist on the traditional cannoli. There’s lightly  sweetened ricotta filling with chocolate chips and cannoli pastry crumble. The filling was smooth, dense, cooling, and delicious. In contrast, the crust crumble provided the opposite texture similar to that of the semisweet chocolate chips. This take is creative, easier to share and less messy than the traditional cannoli.


The Vanilla Bean Créme Brûlée is a decadent vanilla bean custard with a caramelized sugar crust. I love this dessert because of how creamy, milky and sweet it is and how cooling it is to my palate. It is easy to eat, but dangerous for the same reason after a long day of work where you may devour more than a serving size.


Along with our meals, we decided to try the Sangria Rose and Cucumber Basil Gimlet to go along with our summer theme. The Sangria Rosa consisted of Sobieski Raspberry Vodka, fresh muddled pineapple and strawberry, Fizz 56 Brachetto d’Acqui, and is served on the rocks. It isn’t overpoweringly sweet and leaves notes of pineapple dancing on your tongue.


The Cucumber Basil Gimlet is made up of Grey Goose Vodka or Hendricks Gin, fresh basil, crushed cucumber, bitters and fresh lemon and lime juices, served on the rocks. We had it with Grey Goose Vodka and it is a strong drink, but refreshing for the summer at the same time. You know it is truly fresh when you can taste all the ingredients of the basil, cucumber, etc.

Sad to say, but this concludes our visit to BRAVO! Cucina Italiana. Please feel free to browse their website and make a reservation! You will not be disappointed.


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Beewon Korean Cuisine is located on Dr Phillips Boulevard just south of Turkey Lake Road in Southwest Orlando. I am a big fan of Korean food as it is often fresh, tasty, and healthy. The only set back about it is that its a bit expensive for the amount of food that you get. Beewon is no exception to this, owing in no small part to its location in the upscale Dr Phillips neighborhood.

Inside Beewon!

Inside Beewon, photos of Korean pro-golfers/patrons, wooded tables, chairs, and traditional Korean decor fill the space. It is definitely larger and more airy than the popular Shin Jung, leaving you plenty of space to breath in case you decide to cook up some bulgogi or kalbi beef ribs at your table.

Fried Mandoo dumplings

We ordered the mandoo fried dumplings, a tasty appetizer that I wish had a bit more filling. The spicy seafood noodle soup is always pleasant, with its familiar spicy and thick seafood broth with shrimp, clams, mussels, and Korean noodles. The kalbi beef short ribs ( a bit steep at $24.95 a plate) is excellent though a bit chewy, marinated in a sweet soy sauce and char grilled.

Banchon – side dishes! 
Spicy seafood noodle soup
Kalbi Short ribs!

Overall Beewon is a pretty good Korean establishment to visit if you are out in the west side of town though I do prefer other establishments that are closer. Check it out!

Beewon Korean Cuisine on Urbanspoon



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