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I can’t tell you how much I really love the Magnolia Square Market, a German market and deli run by the Hollerbach family in Sanford, Florida.

You may be familiar with Hollerbach’s Willow Tree in historic downtown Sanford, but right around the corner is this hidden gem of a German market, featuring authentic German deli meats, bratwursts, cheeses, beers, German chocolates, and even gluten-free baked goods. Now, you can take all the German sausage and sauerkraut fun from Willow Tree home with you after the night is over.

Theo Hollerbach has always dreamed of having his own German Deli. When he grew up in Kyllburg, Germany, he lived with his mother and grandparents, who owned a small butcher shop in his little town. His mother was also one of the first women to become a certified butcher in their area. Ever since his journey to America, he has always longed for the smells and tastes of the little town he was a child in. Now, he finally has the opportunity to bring his memories to life with the Hollerbach’s Magnolia Square Market.

I especially love all the different imported chocolates and house made cakes and pastries here.

The staff here were all very kind and gracious with suggestions as well, helping us find just the right deli meats and allowing us to sample different cuts to find out their taste. On a recent visit, we got quite a few sandwiches and meat cuts to go, and they even stored it for us at the restaurant to keep cold until we were done with dinner at the Willow Tree.

Definitely check out this market the next time you are in Sanford, especially while waiting for a table at the Willow Tree.











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If you’ve ever been out to Lake County on scenic County Road 48, you probably have heard of this authentic little German bakery called Yalaha Bakery, housed in a rather quaint country village building off the road – like out of a scene from the Sound of Music. Known for their hearty multigrain and rye breads and mouthwatering pastries, Yalaha Bakery has been a culinary staple in Lake County for over 17 years now with many a foodie venturing out to the shop there to sample their freshly baked goods.

In August of 2011, co-owners Juergen and Anna Marie Klumb opened a charming little neighborhood outpost near downtown Orlando off of Orange Avenue just across from Lake Ivanhoe (in the Ivanhoe Village District, just a few shops south of Ethos Vegan).

Anne Marie Klumb manages this location, staffed by friendly and helpful workers who are eager to help out with suggestions. The local Yalaha Bakery in Orlando has their breads and pastries shipped in from their home-base bakery in Lake County fresh each morning.

An impressive wall of freshly baked German style bread loaves and rolls line up one side of the bakery, ranging from pretzel breads to rye to pumpernickel and more. The bread here is of high quality and made with fresh, natural ingredients – free of preservatives and chemical additives. A case of traditional German deli meats, bratwursts, and sandwiches sits on one side of the shop, and an espresso machine stands nearby ready to serve up some great cappuccino and coffee for the early risers.

But to me, the main attraction is the beautiful display of colorful, sweet pastries and cakes at the center.

German apple pies, peach and apple strudels, black forest cake, apple Normandy, lemon ginger cookies, frangipan butter cookies filled with raspberries, and more, line the display, beckoning your sweet tooth to bite in through the glass case. So many choices – it can be a bit overwhelming when you want to try them all.

I would recommend the bee sting cake, a unique, moist cake filled with Bavarian cream and topped with almonds and orange blossom honey, a truly delightful treat. It comes as a huge square, big enough to share, but you won’t because you’ll want to savor it for later, thinking of those rolling hills and country village houses, the place where Yalaha bakes magic into their pastries and breads.

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Artistic interpretation of the Yalaha Country Bakery in Lake County


Pretzel cheese loaf – try it


Display of pastries




List of daily bread


Black forest slice cake


The bee sting, filled with bavarian creme, topped with almonds and orange blossom honey

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In historic downtown Sanford north of Orlando, near the banks of Lake Monroe, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe welcomes patrons in with German music, authentic German food, and German beers. It’s an ode to the great German beer halls, a place where it is always Oktoberfest on Thursday – Sunday evenings. Through the Willow Tree Cafe, owners Theo, Linda, and daughter Christina Hollerbach do their best to bring the experience of authentic German Gemuetlichkeit, a sense of well-being and happiness that comes from enjoying the company of friends and family while savoring good food and drink.

I recently travelled up to Sanford with my fiance, and friends Pearleen and Al Buchala of to try the Willow Tree Cafe out for the first time and also support the local businesses of Sanford.

When they first opened in 2001, owner Theo Hollerbach told me that the cafe took up about 1000 square feet and now they are up to 14,000 square feet with over 75 employees with an impressive outdoor dining area. The place gets very busy here, with reservations often booked out weeks ahead, often for special occasions and family celebrations. On certain evenings, you can see the jovial, bearded Chef Theo walking from table to table, welcoming guests, and sharing the festive air and drinks with restaurant patrons as he makes his rounds. We also got to share a wonderful 2-liter boot of German beer with Chef Hollerbach on this evening. Our friend Kendra Lott of Edible Orlando Magazine also got a chance to join in on the beer party.

Chef Theo Hollerbach explains: Watch for the Swirl at the bottom of the boot

The Willow Tree serves over 50 different German Beers and wines and live entertainment in the form of the popular oom-pah band complete with tuba and accordians. The beer is always flowing freely here, where every few minutes you can hear cheers of the German drinking toast “Zicke, Zacke, Zicke, Zacke, Hoi, Hoi, Hoi!”. Bring a group of friends and family and enjoy some beer in a “boot” which comes in 1, 2, and 3 liter sizes.

The Hollerbach family comes from the small town of Kyllburg in Germany where Theo’s grandfather was a master butcher and the family was famous for their sausages. Their recipes include many of the old world traditional, and family specialties and they serve up dishes like bratwurst sausages, numbergers, veal, pork, and chicken schnitzels. Start off with some nice freshly baked Wiesn Brezn (giant pretzel) with a sweet mustard sauce.

My favorites include the potato cakes sides and the Eisbein, the very flavorful, tender, and lightly smoked pork shank, served with sauerkraut and Heaven and Earth mashed potatoes. End the meal with some German Apfel Strudel made in house with fresh apples, rum-soaked white raisins, cinnamon and sugar. The Willow Tree Cafe is a place that is festive and fun and definitely a place to enjoy yourself with family and friends. Prosit!

Eisbein, the very flavorful, tender, and lightly smoked pork shank, served with sauerkraut and Heaven and Earth mashed potatoes

Sausage platter with bratwurst

Pork Schnitzel with potato cakes and red cabbage

Apple Strudel

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