Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Inside Look: Ole for Tapa Toro’s Magical Dining Menu!

Celebrate the bold and dynamic flavors of authentic Spanish cuisine at Tapa Toro, a restaurant with unparalleled flair and attention to customer service.  Located in the heart of ICON Park, Tapa Toro is ideal for an intimate meal or the perfect place for an exciting party. Currently featuring an incredible dining experience through their Magical Dining menu ($35), if you haven’t tried them before, this is the perfect time to sample their beautiful cocktails and delectable dishes.

Beef Empanadas

Beef Empanadas are always a favorite, and these were exceptionally flavorful with a creamy side of cilantro yogurt for dipping – a fantastic way to kick off a Spanish feast.


The house Ceviche is a combination of succulent fish and shrimp mixed with fresh lime, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos and served with cristini for added crunch.

Sevilla Gin and Tonic

If you are looking for a refreshing and tasty cocktail but can’t decide which to order, then get the Cocktail Flight ($16) which features three different flavor profiles paired accordingly with each course.  These drinks are practically full size, making this an excellent value for the money – and more to enjoy!

Seafood Paella and Steak and Frites

Seafood Paella, the quintessential Spanish rice dish, is expertly prepared with a very generous amount of fresh seafood, including: shrimp, mussels, calamari, clams, and chorizo. For the full signature Tapa Toro experience, I suggest sitting at their 12-seat paella pit from where you can watch the Flamenco dancers and enjoy your delicious meal.

Grilled Skirt Steak, Truffle Fries, and house-made Chimichurri

My dining companion ordered the Skirt Steak and Truffle Frites, an excellent cut for the grill and further enhanced by being cooked to at least medium, which we learned, allows for caramelization and tenderizing. The house-made Chimichurri offered the perfect balance by adding a touch of acidity and brightness to this powerhouse of a dish.

Peachy Habanero

The Peachy Habanero, the second drink included in the flight, is a delightful concoction that artfully combines sweetness with a little heat – making for a tantalizing experience!

Creamy Flan

Desserts were both a creamy treat, starting with the velvety Flan in which the caramel was perceptible without being cloying or overwhelming. The mint leaf added to the finale as a nice, crisp, herbal palate cleanser.

Catalan Cream

The Catalan Cream is light, creamy, has hints of orange throughout, and was reminiscent of a brulee with its caramelized, crispy sugar toping. This is a very traditional Spanish dessert and a lovely finish to an incredible Spanish meal.

Don Coquito

The final drink in the flight is a sweet confection, perfectly suited to accompany any dessert you order. Made up of Rumchata, coconut rum, and coconut milk this cocktail, in and of itself, makes for a perfect dessert and brings to mind the upcoming holiday season with it’s use of the cinnamon.

Flamenco dancing is available nightly and feature the Barcelona-style technique, known for it’s passion and elegance; shows begin at 7 pm and 9pm – not to be missed!

Magical Dining has been extended until October 31st and includes 5 fantastic entrees to choose from, so rush and take advantage of this great deal before it ends.

Magical Dining Menu

For more details, please visit:


Tapa Toro 





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