Monday, February 6, 2023
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Inside Look: Reaching New Heights at The New Standard in Winter Park

Dining at The New Standard, which recently opened earlier in 2020, completely exceeded every expectation and left me wanting to return the very next day! Fountains, live music, incredible outdoor seating, fabulous dishes and drinks – this is a true Orlando treasure.

Outdoor seating

Located at Winter Park’s Ravaudage Plaza with its fountains, Spanish tile, and terracotta bricks, you quickly feel transported to what may very well be a quaint Mediterranean town.

Currently featuring their Autumnal menu, expect elevated American cuisine that features seasonal produce, which Executive Chef Ryan McLaughlin explains is in keeping with their farm to table approach.

Autumnal Craft Cocktails

Equally impressive is the extensive wine list – incidentally, all to-go wine is half price, so stock up now!  The vast array of adult beverages is remarkable and includes craft cocktails, bottled cocktails, adult juice boxes (yes, the boozy kind), kits to make your own drinks, and beer galore – even in buckets.


Plump, savory Croquettes, ($8), made with yucca, stuffed with Oaxaca cheese, herbs, served atop cilantro-based aji verde and garnished with pickled red onions are exceptional. Easily among the best croquettes to be had in Orlando.

Charred Octopus

The Charred Octopus ($14), another stellar appetizer I could eat any day of the week, was tender, flavorful, and quite the generous portion. These two appetizers paired perfectly and were entirely enjoyable on their own, but combined made for an extremely memorable first course.

Florida Red Grouper

For the main course we thoroughly enjoyed the elegant Florida Red Grouper ($36), a visually striking dish composed of black lentils atop celery root puree and finished with pickled celery and fennel.

Pork Porterhouse

The Pork Porterhouse ($29) atop creamless corn and served with a seasonal apple concoction was a masterpiece, a true triumph that calls to mine the best of the season.

House made marshmallows
Sweets, the Board

Under the Boards selection you will find Sweets ($20) a sampling of decadent and delicious desserts that is simply astonishing in its size and variety. Take your time as you explore the dark chocolate “salami”, blondies, house made marshmallows (my favorite),  spice cake, fresh berries, and so much more!

The New Standard is a tour de force and an experience every Orlandoan should have. From the excellent service, the music, ambiance, and drinks to the highly refined skills of Chef Ryan McLaughlin and his dynamic team, this is one restaurant that needs to be at the top of everyone’s list.

The talented Chef Ryan McLaughlin alongside his incredible team


New Standard

1035 Orlando Avenue, Suite 101

Winter Park, FL 32789

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