Raphsodic Cooperative Company Bakery and Store in Mills-50 District

Located in the heart of Orlando, Raphsodic Cooperative Company Bakery and Store sits right off Mills Avenue (in the Mills-50 District) just north of Colonial Drive in a re-furbished old building, dedicating itself to organic, vegetarian baked goods. I support this movement towards a healthier living life style and hope to adapt my own eating habits one day to provide a more sustainable and humane environment for our world.

At Raphsodic, they sell home made hummus, gluten free cupcakes, organic cookies, and more all 100% vegan and 100% free from animal testing and made without any milk. They also have art nights and performance nights so check out their site for more info.


My favorite is the Lemon Ginger cupcake (gluten) which is a moist, deliciously sweet cupcake with a hint of ginger on top of the icing. The coconut chocolate cookies and the gluten-free cupcake that I bought were not as popular.

Overall, I think this is a neat addition to the culinary landscape here in Orlando. Although I did not get to try all their items, I have heard of comments regarding some of the tastes of the items. I am sure they can improve.


Tasty Chomps 
Orlando Food Blog 
Score: B –
Pricing: $

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