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Shin Sushi, the best sushi place in Orlando?


Shin Sushi recently won Best Japanese in the 2010 Orlando Sentinel Foodie awards. I had previously visited the small yet surprisingly delightful Shin a few times before, but on this occasion I went to visit a loved one for lunch in downtown Orlando.

The decor is decidedly modern with a large water fountain sculpture in front with the word “shin” in Japanese (translated as “heart”). The restaurant is owned by a group of Japanese men, and on this day a few of them are manning the sushi bar as well. The space is not large, maybe fitting 50 people comfortably, but it is intimate and definitely has a urban feel to it. The seats are the only thing I would complain about as they are a bit uncomfortable.

The Sushi Bar at Shin in Orlando, Florida

Sushi here at Shin is delicious and fresh, probably some of the freshest in Orlando, and this premium is reflected in their pricing as well. Although it is a bit more expensive, I think the rolls are worth it. They are a work of art.

The Shin hotate roll ($10) is a specialty, made with asparagus wrapped with fresh raw scallops from Hokkaido and each individually topped with yuzu tobiko, spicy mayo, and shredded peppers.

The shin volcano roll ($13) is a laid out flat on the plate, made with a california roll topped with a mixture of baked fresh scallops, shrimp, kanikama, masago, cream cheese, and spicy mayo.

Overall, I would definitely choose Shin for some of the finest sushi in Orlando.

The Shin hotate roll
Shin hotate roll is a work of art
Shin volcano roll
Tasty Chomps Rating!!!
4 out of 5 sushi chomps!!!
Pricing: $$$
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