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Bayridge Steakhouse and Sushi at Avalon Park


In a dining room out in East Orlando, deep in the downtown area of Avalon Park, families and friends gather around a grill table-top to watch a young, playful hibachi chef twirl his metal spatula and light a sliced onion into a flaming onion volcano. As the volcano extinguishes, the chef slices up the vegetables and mix the fried rice, butter, and meats together for their plates for the patrons to enjoy here at the newly opened Bayridge Sushi and Steakhouse.

Bayridge Sushi and Steakhouse has a very sleek, modern, upscale ambiance with smooth black table tops and lit by colorful neon lights. The restaurant hosts a lively bar area with a large drink selection and table tops for diners waiting for a spot in the hibachi / teppanyaki area or the main sushi dining area. The restaurant tends to get noisy with the chatter and talk around the room.

The hibachi area has 6 tables with about 20 seats each table and a separate dining area with a nice sushi bar and padded back table seats. The service here is attentive; waiters visit often and are courteous, although it may take a while for some dishes to prepare especially in busy periods.

For appetizers, we chose the Sushi Dumpling,made with sushi white fish and tuna fried in a xiu mai like wonton wrapping shell. The Spicy Tuna-tini appetizer was a very interesting and unique appetizer made from chunks of spicy tuna in a sesame oil base on top of seaweed salad all inside a martini glass (p.s. it’s a non-alcoholic appetizer).

For sushi rolls, we try the Sexy Lobster roll made with tempura lobster, asparagus, avocado, lettuce, tobiko, almonds, black sesame seed with chef’s special sauce, the Monster Roll, made with tempura shrimp avocado & cream cheese roll with tempura shredded crab, scallion, spicy powder on the top, and the Super Crunch roll made with spicy tuna on the top of a tuna and cream cheese avocado roll.

The rolls are all very large and filling, with complements to the 2 sushi chefs who rocked it out behind the sushi bar and handled all the sushi requests for the restaurant. They will probably need to add extra sushi chefs in the future for the increased demand.

Overall, the Bayridge Sushi and Steakhouse restaurant is a great addition to East Orlando and especially the Avalon Park neighborhood. I can see it being very popular for a long time if their service continues to improve and their ingredients stay fresh and tasty. I visited on a weeknight and the place was pretty busy and full. I think one of the things they have to work on is timing of dishes to get it out sooner and to avoid long waits.

For dessert we ordered the traditional ice cream tempura, a sweet and delicious way to end the meal.

Bayridge Sushi and Steakhouse at Avalon Park is the third location for the Bayridge establishment, joining its sister restaurants in Apopka and Longwood.

For more information visit,
Bayridge Sushi and Steakhouse3680 Avalon Park E BlvdOrlando, FL 32828(407)



Hibachi tables here at Bayridge
Sushi Dumplings
Eel Handroll
Monster Roll
Tempura ice cream

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