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Brazilian Brigadeiros by Simply Sweets by Ray in Orlando

Brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-ro) are Brazilian sweets, similar to chocolate truffles – and they are quite delicious. Rayana Neves, an Orlando local, recently started selling them here in town – and they are some of the best brigadeiros I’ve ever had.

For now people can get them by calling or sending a message on Facebook, usually asking for one day advance because she is currently working in an office also until she can go after her dream to work just with the sweets full time.

Rayana grew up in the state of Brasilia in Brazil and grew up with her family always cooking and an aunt who was making all kinds of sweets and had always loved it.

“I have never been to a school for cooking or pastry (even though I would love to). I just taught myself how to make the sweets and it just worked. I started always baking something or making Brigadeiro when friends would come over and one day my friends said I should start selling them,” she told us.

“I was back and fourth to Brazil at the time because my Husband was going through his permanent residency process, so the extra income was a plus. I started selling cupcakes at an English School there and would also sell by orders.”

She made brigadeiros for a graduation party, cupcakes as end of the year gift for a company, and so on. She has come back to Orlando for good and is now starting over with the business here.

“I make everything fresh to order and put a lot of care and love into it. I guess that’s why they’re so good. lol.”

These are the flavors she has so far:

1. Traditional = Milk Chocolate Brigadeiro
2. Dark = 53% Cocoa Brigadeiro
3. Noir = 70% Cocoa Brigadeiro
4. White = White Chocolate Brigadeiro
5. Two Lovers = Combination of Dark or Traditional Chocolate and White Chocolate
6. Prestigio = Coconut covered with Traditional or Dark Chocolate with Coconut Flakes
7. Coconut = White Chocolate with shredded Coconut
8. Peanut = Milk Chocolate Brigadeiro with crushed peanuts

9. Dulce de Leche = Dulce de Leche Brigadeiro
10. Nutella = Nutella Brigadeiro
11. Almond = Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro with shaved/sliced almond sprinkles
12. Walnut = White Brigadeiro with crushed walnuts
13. Key Lime = White Brigadeiro infused with lime
14. Passion Fruit = White Brigadeiro infused with passion fruit
15. Strawberry = White Brigadeiro with fresh made strawberry jam

and then she also does what is called “Olho de Sogra” which the translation is “Mother in Law’s Eye”

“Weird name but so good (My stepdad’s favorite). It is a Pitted Prune with Coconut Brigadeiro inside.”

Also new flavors include: Brownie Sandwich (Brownie, Brigadeiro, Brownie) and Bonbons (semi-sweet, dark or white chocolate with brigadeiro filling or passion fruit mousse filling)




The one with the regular chocolate sprinkles was the Traditional. Tiny sprinkles was Nutella. The half white, half traditional was Two Loves. Cononut in the center, traditional on the outside coated with coconut was Prestigio. Caramel colored one was Dulce de Leche and the white one was Coconut.

Box with 6 = $7.50
Box with 8 = $10
Box with 12 = $15

Visit Simply Sweets by Ray on Facebook and Instagram.

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