Luma on Park Hosted their second Game of Throne-inspired 8-course dinner by chef Michael Cooper, the tasting menu featured a collection of eight “GoT”-branded Scotch whiskeys.

Each bottle is a single malt crafted by a renown Scottish distillery. And each corresponds to a different House of Westeros, plus one for the Night’s Watch. For example, the Cardhu distillery represents the House Targaryen — both ruled by powerful women. The Oban distillery as well as the Night’s Watch sit on the border — one between Scotland’s western islands and highlands, the other between the Seven Kingdoms and the wild North.


Very clever menu presentation!


Cocktail resembling the color of the white walker’s eye.

-Uni on brioche toast, blueberries and Lardo 

This was paired with a glass of smoky and salty GoT Talisker Select Reserve. (house of Greyjoy)

-Rabbit Roulade | Bacon | Rhubarb

Cardu Gold Reserve (house Targaryen)


-Wild boar terrine | Apricot | Dried cherry ju

Royal Lochnagar 12 years (house Baratheon)


-Smoked Trout | English Peas | Chicharron

Singleton of Glendullan Select (House Tully)

-Red Mullet & Beef Tongue

Oban Bay Reserved (Night’s Watch)


-Roasted Quail | Raisin |Pine Nuts | Porter Lacquer

Lagavulin 9 Years (House Lannister)


-Honeycomb | Pepita Brittle | Green Strawberry

Dalwhinne Winter’s Frost (House Stark)


-Honey custard | Fig Jam Tart | Hisbiscus Gin & Lemon Verbena Sherbet

Clynelish Reserve (House Tyrell)

Luma 290 South Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789
Dinner menu is available daily at 5:30pm
Lounge and bar open daily at 4pm
Phone: 407.599.4111

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