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Lucky’s Market Showcases Local Orlando Food Businesses

As the Saturday after Thanksgiving is known for a day to support local and small businesses, Lucky’s Market aims to support local businesses every day. We were invited to Lucky’s Market during a showcase of many great local businesses hosted by Michelle Sanchez of Made in Orlando (@MadeInOrlando on Instagram).

Sweet City Gelato has flavors of every type that cater to many dietary needs. They have many that are dairy-free for the lactose intolerant as well.

The gelato and sorbet are not too sweet, while being nice and smooth to the palate.

The Netherlands delight of waffle cookies filled with caramel. These are made locally by Gezellig Cookies, like our other vendors mentioned in this post. Honestly, the best way to eat one is when pouring yourself a cup of coffee or tea at the office. Nevertheless, this recommendation shouldn’t stop you to eat it with the Sweet City Gelato.

Make sure your drink is hot and steamy, and place the waffle on top of your mug. Leave it there for a few minutes until it starts to soften. Turn over if needed, and eat it warm.

Gezellig Cookies make them in a few flavors, but you can never go wrong with the original.

Although the Gezellig Cookies already have caramel fillings, you can add some vegan Nutty Peanut with it or make sandwiches with the Nutty Peanut like normal people. Either way, Nutty Peanut spreads are all natural and GMO free. My favorite ones are Cocoa Nutty Nana (chocolate and bananas infused peanut butter) and Wake Up Nutty (espresso infused peanut butter).

Amelia Toffee Company brings smaller bites where you can enjoy by yourself or with friends. There are five main flavors aside from the seasonal flavors they release.

Anyone who knows me will know that I’ll be a sucker to try the bourbon or coffee flavors. Both of which are my favorites. Yet, it’s not a Florida staple without a Key Lime, which there’s a Key Lime version as well.

These Melatta fruit spreads are top on my list of recommendations. There were three of these present for us and the passion fruit one is my favorite. It’s dairy-free as well! I thought you could eat this on it’s own like yoghurt, but apparently it’s a spread…however, it won’t stop me from eating it on its own. It is that good.

Le’Ann’s Cheesecakes in a jar are packaged individually so you’re not tempted to have more than the right portion, but who said you should stop there? Treat yourself and buy a few. There are different flavors with or without CBD.

Speaking of CBD… Elev8 Hemp’s mission is simple: craft the highest-quality, organic hemp products for consumers in search of a healthier, happier lifestyle. Everyone needs to get the proper amount of healthy proteins to keep them feeling better and more energetic. So, remember how I mentioned you should try the Gezellig Cookies with coffee? Here’s your local coffee to try with those cookies!

Elev8 Hemp has hemp coffee, hemp tea, CBD infused iced coffee, and CBD infused iced tea. You can buy the coffee beans/grounds as well as bottled pre-made coffee and tea at your local Lucky’s Market. The coffee is nice and smooth, which is a nice additive to the long list of benefits this already provides to your healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget to wash down the bites with kombucha from Farm Boy Produce (Instagram or Facebook), which also has lemonade versions. I’m not a big fan of kombucha, but I really like their ginger as well as lavender lemonade kombuchas.

If you like to be creative and mix some things together like I do, try adding a little honey from I Heart Bees into the kombucha…or into some whiskey.

There are many different flavors as well as bee pollen, which has so many benefits to your health. My favorite is the Florida Summer, raw Allergy Blend, and bee pollen. The Strawberry is not on my list of favorites because it’s too sweet for my taste, but you can taste how fresh the strawberries are in the strawberry infused honey.

Terrapin Ridge Farms was present with their aioli, dressings, and more. Many of their products are friendly for keto, vegan, low-sodium, gluten-free, and plant-based diets. This is what I love best about their products besides their delicious tastes.

Finding items for dinner parties where many guests have specific dietary needs is hard, but having sauces and dips by Terrapin Ridge Farms helps with keeping everyone safe and happy. It’s a win win situation.

With some chips and pretzels of Terrapin Ridge Farms, you can also dip it in some O’Dang Hummus dressing for extra protein. You’d expect it to be grainy and thick, but it’s absolutely not. The texture is similar to other dressings you may have, but with healthier ingredients.

If you prefer the usual thick hummus dips, try Sultan Fresh Foods because they have a smoked hummus that’s creamy compared to the chips or veggies you use as a delivery method.

For dips with a kick, I recommend the Naked Up Queso and the hot salsa, which are both made by Tres Amigos Salsa. If you take a bite of the queso and hot salsa right after, it’ll take your tastebuds on a wonderful journey of flavors.

Last but not least for this visit is Fat D’s BBQ Sauce. They have sweet bbq as well as mustard-based bbq sauces. My favorite of theirs is the spicy mustard-based bbq, which you should make a trip to Lucky’s and pick up a bottle along with all your other treats you’re interested in from this post and more.

If you rather buy straight from the vendors or find out more about who they are, you can find links to their websites throughout this post if available.

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