Friday, June 14, 2024
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Brix & Mortar Urban Winery Offers $20 Bottles & FREE Delivery in Times of Need

Brix & Mortar is exactly what the name implies. It’s an urban winery that plans on making wine at this location instead of import the wine from their Texas location. However, with COVID-19 at bay, that’s going to make it a while longer before they can make their wines in Sanford, FL or you can sit in their beautiful winery with friends.

Right now, the owners themselves are delivering bottles of their wine for only $20 a bottle with FREE DELIVERY around Central Florida. Tips are greatly accepted to be dispersed amongst their employees.

From light to dark, Brix & Mortar Urban Winery has them all. Their wines are delightful. I’m not fond of white wines or rosés, but they make pretty great ones here.

Order enough to set up your own wine tasting for those who you’re quarantined with…or even for yourself alone.

Maybe pour a glass or two and have the bottle by your side while taking a bubble bath. Treat yourself to your own spa day.

While you’re at it, make a charcuterie board too until you can enjoy a Brix & Mortar board in their lounge after we are cleared of COVID-19.

Here’s a close up of what you can have on your board like they do, but make sure you rotate daily so you can refine your palate and keep things interesting.

Hopefully we can enjoy the winery in the summer because that’s an excellent time to enjoy one of their frozen wine drinks.

For the future when you get a chance to enjoy the urban winery on location, think about what items you could pick up as a souvenir too. They offer mugs, wine glasses, candles, corks, shirts, etc.

Until you enjoy a seat in the winery, check out their menu and order some bottles for delivery. It’s such a steal for them to sell for only $20 a bottle.

For more information, check out the Brix & Mortar Urban Winery website.

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