Monday, June 24, 2024
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First Look: New Vietnamese Fast Casual Restaurant Opens in East Orlando – Phoresh Noodles

A new delicious Vietnamese restaurant hits the streets with popular Vietnamese dishes. It is owned and run by a local family who wants to share Vietnamese street fare with the Orlando community. I’m glad they’re not saving these dishes for only their family gatherings and are sharing the dishes with everyone instead.

Take a look at their menu:

What’s better than delicious, flavorful dishes that are also great for your wallet!? A little bird also told me how they have special menu items here and there on weekends. Make sure you ask them if they have any if you visit during the weekends.

Don’t forget to Pho It Up with a bowl of pho, where you can decide each step what to add from the broth to how much noodles and protein you’d prefer. They even have vegetarian options (photographed here)!

The next popular Vietnamese dish is the Vermicelli, which I love with their well-seasoned pork. Their fish sauce isn’t as fishy as other places, which is nice. It has a sweetness to it, but it’s not overpowering because they are pretty good at making their own. Many of you may not know that fish sauce served to you with dishes isn’t coming directly from the bottle you find in stores, but it is diluted with vinegar, sugar, etc.

Street Fare options also include Roti Paratha Cakes. The sauce is like a curry and the roti is made nice and warm. Be careful because it comes out steaming. I crave this every day since I have had it. I can’t wait to have my foodie meet up and share it with other foodie enthusiasts so I hope I see you there.

Phoresh Noodles also has chicken wings, which are super crispy on the outside yet moist and tender on the inside. They’re made with garlic butter and fish sauce. It sounds odd, but it tastes great. Trust me.

Yum Squid is another that you may not run into often. The squid is served shredded with papaya, red onion, cilantro, and a Thai chili sauce. Although it says Thai chili, it’s not Thai hot so don’t sweat it.

While you wait for your food, enjoy some fresh lemonade. It was my first time having fresh lemonade the Vietnamese way and I wish ordering this had free refills because I’d drink it all day.

Don’t forget to grab a Vietnamese iced coffee, which is known to be made with condensed milk. I fancy my Vietnamese iced coffee with less condensed milk so I can taste all the notes coming from the coffee. Shout out to Made In Orlando for being one of my hand models.

For more information on the Foodie Meet Up, visit Yelp or check out my Flyer. With COVID19-19, the meet up is currently on hold for further notice. Do still RSVP so we have your information for updates when we do have the event!

For more about Phoresh Noodles, visit their website.

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