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Inside Look: Full Press Juicery

Full Press Juicery serves up some of the best always, fresh cold-pressed juices and detoxes in Orlando, Fl, that are packed full of nutrients and vitamins featuring juices from local Central Florida fruit with no added sugar, preservatives or water.

The company is a faith-based, minority, veteran-owned and family operated business that was inspired by the need, during one family Christmas gathering, to provide accessibility to those looking to make healthy choices and to make sure those healthy choices taste good.

We spoke with Brittany Varner, one of the founders of the family-run Full Press Juicery

Interview with Brittany Varner, Full Press Juicery

Tell us about your family’s background and how the business got started?
Our journey to starting Full Press Juicery has been in the making with us as a family becoming more health conscious. We have had family members become Vegan, others have lost weight and been able to maintain that weight loss.

Even our get-togethers started to include more healthier food options. As a family, we gather for the holiday season and this particular year, we were in San Antonio, Texas 2018. It is the time of the year where we gather around the table for delicious food, competitive game nights and simply good laughter.

During this year, we came up with making some juices with a regular juicer and we started tasting them. At first, it was a joke of selling our homemade juices in stores and then things turned serious about drafting a plan to make it a reality. We were talking about the disparities in the minority communities, and benefits of fresh produce to facilitate the busy professionals and gym enthusiasts who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, we started to think. Hmmmm.

How do we give back was primarily our aim, while educating and keeping folks healthy….Hence, Full Press Juicery was born.

Our operations partner Lydia has labored in the food industry for over twenty-seven decades, with a Hospitality Management & Culinary Degree she’s seen it all.

Her level of experience with running the back of the house and front of the house operations and strong menu development skills, helps us development authentic and harmonious recipes.

We can continue to enlarge our footprint in a strong & competitive market which are complements her passion and drive to making our communities healthier one juice at a time.

 What is the mission of Full Press Juicery?

The mission of Full Press Juicery is to provide excellent customer service and consistently provide high quality delicious cold-pressed beverages that meets the nutritional and health needs of our valued customers.

Brittany Varner

What are some of the most popular juices so far?

Our most popular juice is Pink Passion, the beautiful pink hue catches your eye, but the combination of purple sweet potatoes, pineapples, oranges and apples will truly catch your taste buds.

BIG Juicy is our personal take on beet juice. Beets can deter the average customer but our BIG Juicy is our personal story of how to experience a vegetable high in fiber, vitamin V9 & C, and iron without the major punch because each of the ingredients compliments one another.

We couldn’t forget our green juice lovers, All Green is our go-to green juice packed with the superfood of kale & ginger.

Our immunity shot OH Ginger will be graduated to a 12oz bottle for the new year, and we will still offer the 2.5oz shots both will still offer a big punch to keep you healthy this flu and cold season.

Tell us about the name behind Full Press juicery?

The name Full Press Juicery highlights the process we utilize to create our beverage products. We take several pounds of fresh fruit & vegetables placing them under thousands of pounds of pressure utilizing a cold pressure machine, extracting all the nutrients and vitamins. Thus, producing a delicious way to consume fresh fruits and vegetables with no added water or preservatives or sugar added.

What are your current plans for 2021?

Our current plans for 2021 is to continue to make a healthy impact in our community one delicious juice at a time. We look forward to expanding our menu to include more juice flavors, smoothies, and food items, building long-lasting relationships, and incorporating local delivery.

What are some packages you offer?

We offer our six-pack special, which allows our customers the choice of their top juices and the sixth juice is “On Us” a cost savings of $8. Also, throughout the year we have various specials and deals available.

How can people sign up?

Our subscribers are the first to receive exciting updates on specials sales, new product launch, upcoming popup shop opportunities, health tips and our bi-weekly pick-up schedule. Take advantage of being in the know with FPJ by subscribing at

About Full Press Juicery

The company’s motto is “Pressed Fresh, Live Healthy”, and is paired with the biblical scripture from Job 21:24- “the picture of good health, vigorous and fit”- which is our promise to providing high quality delicious, cold-pressed beverages that meet the nutritional and health needs of our valued customers.

All of Full Press Juicery’s (FPJ) ingredients are derived from locally sourced fruits and vegetables to ensure each bottle is packed with key nutrients and vitamins that allows consumers to feel confident in knowing what they are putting into their bodies.

Learn more at or email us at

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