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Best Sub Sandwiches in East Orlando ? Cheba Hut

Cheba Hut is a “Toasted” sub concept that has been curing munchies since its start in 1998. Featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri in 2010, Cheba Hut has grown to over 130 locations across more than 20 states.

The menu features over 30 signature sub sandwiches (made with Parisian style bread), as well as a variety of Rice Krispy treats, salads and munchies.

Here in Orlando, Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs on East Colonial aspires to be the local spot for “Dank Food and Chill Vibes” – The UCF / east Orlando location also has a secret menu as well as a craft beer bar that features 16 beers on tap, including local beers from neighborhood breweries. Happy hour is from 4:20-7:10 PM, of course.

What really sets Cheba Hut apart, though, can only be experienced in their shops. They combine homegrown food with real people in a relaxed environment.

Despite its cannabis theme, there is no actual cannabis in its sandwiches or food as that is not legal here in Florida yet. Per their FAQ, there are zero amounts of any marijuana products in its food. Cheba Hut is also a family friendly restaurant.

Cheba Hut was founded in Tempe, Arizona in 1998 by Scott Jennings and a group of his college friends. According to legend, the original restaurant was started with only $40 in capital. The founders wanted to create a hangout spot that matched their relaxed lifestyles, so they came up with a sub sandwich shop concept focused on food, fun, and marijuana innuendos. The first Cheba Hut opened near the Arizona State University campus and quickly developed a devoted local following.

The founders prioritized quality ingredients from the beginning. Despite the small startup budget, they insisted on fresh veggies, meats, and especially bread. The bread was considered crucial for constructing the perfect toasted sub.

Menu Highlights at Cheba Hut

Kali Mist – Spicy Club – Roasted turkey breast, bacon, chipotle mayo, jalapeño, avocado, pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, Shake & House dressing

SECRET STASH – Local Secret Sandwich Menu

Greenway Ganja – Smoked Ham, Double Bacon, Dijonaise, Mustard, Pickle, Swiss and Shake

O-Town 1 Hitter – Pepperoni, garlic butter, marinara, ranch, banana pepper, green bell pepper, cheddar, provolone and shake

Loaded Not’chos

Pretzel Nuggets

Krispy Bar

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Cheba Hut
12100 E Colonial Dr UNIT A, Orlando, FL, United States, Florida
(407) 250-4120

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