Suno Shaved Ice Desserts – Atlanta

Suno Shaved Ice Desserts – Atlanta

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After a heavy, hearty meaty meal, the perfect place to go in Atlanta would be for some shaved iced dessert at Suno!

Suno located on the outskirts of Atlanta in Duluth, sits in a strip plaza in front of the super H-Mart, the gigantic Korean market. There are many Koreans here who call Atlanta their home nowadays, and having left the snowy winter landscapes of their homeland, they have brought with them to America the advent of the shaved ice dessert!

Cuisines throughout Asia have made use of icy desserts: China and Taiwan have a variant with mung beans and red beans and fruits, Vietnamese have various che which is similar and at times served with crushed ice, Filipinos have halo halo, and Koreans have papingsu.

The shaved ice at Suno is much different from any other shaved ice I have ever had before. The difference is that most other shaved ice tastes just like what it sounds, crushed shavings of water ice, but the shaved ice at Suno has a delightfully creamy texture and taste to it. An excellent invention.

Inside the store, you order first at the counter. Behind the counter is this amazing ice shaving machine where they take their special blocks of ice and shave them. Its a ice cream barber shop of sorts I suppose. After your order, the shaved ice is placed down the assembly line of fresh chilled strawberries, or mangos, kiwis, oreos, chocolates, marshmallows, syrups, etc per your order and voila’ the creation is complete. The end result is a huge tub of icy goodness that is sweet and healthy at the same time * this is due to the low calorie count of the shaved ice lol.

absolutely delicious.

Sadly there are no shaved ice places here in Orlando, but maybe one day they will open up like the frozen yogurt places that are starting to sprout up EVERYWHERE .

On the assembly line for consumption at Suno shaved ice desserts in Atlanta

The multitudes of delicious fruit toppings at Suno shaved ice desserts in Atlanta

a Chocolate marshmallow and strawberry delight at Suno shaved ice desserts in Atlanta

Delicious chilled strawberries at Suno shaved ice desserts in Atlanta

Fruit toppings on the Suno shaved ice dessert in Atlanta

devour and consume, its what i do.

Tasty chomps rating!!!!
4.5 out of 5 Tasty Chomps!!!!

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