Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Urbanspoon named America’s top 250 most popular high end restaurants

Urbanspoon has recently undertaken the largest ever review of American dining behavior data, taking into consideration over 600,000 restaurants, millions of reviews, and a billion pageviews’ worth of user behavior. The result is a list of 250 dining establishments that received the most attention from professional food critics, food bloggers, and the general dining public across Urbanspoon’s website and smartphone apps.

The list represents those super hot, $$$$ restaurants that received the most coverage across the the foodie community as well as from regular diners. Getting a Friday night table will require some advance planning, but the sheer popularity of these destinations ensures you’ll be treated to a memorable gastronomical event.

Seven restaurants were chosen for the Orlando area, many of which were blogged about it here on! They are as follows:

Orlando, FL

I will have to check out Deep Blu Seafood, Boma, and Johnnie’s Hideaway soon! I am surprised Deep Blue and Fogo de Chao are already on this list as they have opened relatively recently, but maybe that is why they are on the radar with new and recent posts about them on the interwebs. There is probably no small coincidence that three of the above listed are a meat lover’s paradise (Fogo, Boma, and Texas De Brazil), who could deny their love of endless buffet of delicious, savory grilled meats?


Congrats to all!

For the full list, visit

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