Stardust Coffee and Video – Audobon Park – Orlando

Stardust Coffee and Video – Audobon Park – Orlando

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Stardust Coffee and Video – Audobon Park – Orlando

Stardust Coffee and Video, founded in 1970.
There is a off beat feeling about the place. I could imagine poets, artists, hipsters and disaffected rebels inhabiting inside, working on a new project on their macbooks while sipping a latte. I like it.

The Counter @ Stardust Coffee and Video in Orlando (Audobon Park)

At the counter, I order a grinderman sandwich, made with chicken, pesto and goat cheese (made from free range goats of course) with hot sauce. There is a delightful kick to the sandwich and I do enjoy it. I should have maybe ordered a half order since it was quite large. I also enjoy a spinach salad with it. I sip it all down with a mocha latte to warm me up from the rainy day going on outside. The coffee was a lot better than any cup I’ve ever had from Starbucks, rich and deep.

The Grinderman Sandwich @ Stardust Coffee and Video in Orlando

The Grinderman Sandwich @ Stardust Coffee and Video in Orlando

a Cup of Mocha Latte at Stardust Coffee and Video

In addition to serving up some great coffee and sandwichs, they have a huge video collection for rent with hundreds of obscure and independent films. There is a small stage bedazzled in red streams for performances and other such spectacles. All in all, it is a pretty cool place to go to grab a bite to eat, meet up with a friend, or just hide away for an afternoon.

A Look inside Stardust Coffee and Video

The Film collection at Stardust

All the World is A Stage

Stardust Coffee and Video

1842 E Winter Park Rd

Orlando, Fl 32804
(Google Map)
Phone: 407-623-3393

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