I visited Amura Sushi a while ago. Maybe I had too high of expectations, maybe I was hoping to find that one perfect place to go for some delicious, melt in your mouth, freshly cut, savory sushi at Amura. Alas, my hopes were too high and my visit to Amura proved to be quite ordinary.

Appetizer sampler at Amura

Rolls Royce at Amura

I have a problem with places that charge too much for too little. That’s how I felt when I ordered the Rolls Royce, and all I got was rice with a sliver of shrimp in the middle drizzled with sweet sauce and topped with masago. I know it looks pretty but pretty is not going to fill my tummy. The Crystal Bubble roll that I got reminded me of a Vietnamese spring roll wrapped in rice paper. Maybe I ordered the wrong rolls this time around, but overall I was quite underwhelmed with my experience at Amura.

Crystal Bubble Roll

Amura was just okay.

Amura Chop House Wine Steak on Urbanspoon

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