Four Rivers Smokehouse – BBQ – Orlando

Four Rivers Smokehouse – BBQ – Orlando

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Four Rivers Smokehouse – BBQ – Orlando

I finally got to try Four Rivers Smokehouse, yes I know I am late on this train, and as has been professed over and over again: Four Rivers is pretty damn good ‘que!

Located on a corner on Fairbanks Ave right before I-4 in Winter Park, Four Rivers is a brick house building with one thing on its mind: really good barbeque for the masses. They have only been open a few months and yet the line is almost always out the door and wrapped around the street.

The first thing you will notice is that parking is a bit limited, but there’s additional parking across the street, and also “they’re working on it”. The ordering system is much like the “fast casual” style that have been proliferating throughout the nation a la Chipotle and Qdoba, etc. You order at the counter and they put the plates together as you walk to the register. It is a delight to see the gentleman at the counter slice your brisket right off as you order.

The dining room is actually outdoors so it may not be the best idea to go on a stormy night. There are about six picnic tables as well as heaters in this room for those “cold” Florida winter days.

I met up here on this evening with a few of my bros Kha and Ed who just got off of work as well. Kha ordered the brisket with a side of prime rib with baked cheesy grits and other sides. I ordered the beef brisket platter with added pulled pork and some fried pickles and collard greens and baked beans. Ed ordered a half rack of St Louis ribs and some pulled pork. All was delicious and you could tell they took great care in their food. We actually had left overs cause there was so much food.

Is it worth the wait? Hell yes it is. (but you can order ahead and pick it up at the window if you don’t feel like waiting hah). Indeed it is the best barbeque in Orlando thus far.

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