Pho Vinh – Vietnamese – Orlando

Pho Vinh – Vietnamese – Orlando

Pho Vinh – Vietnamese – Orlando

One of the newest contenders to throw their hat into the Vietnamese restaurant ring: Pho Vinh. Coming onto the scene with strong traditional Vietnamese offerings, Pho Vinh is a restaurant where attention must be paid.

Sitting in the remodeled building that once housed 4-5-9 Chinese restaurant on Primrose, the decor is elegant and simple, with pink orchid decor and paintings of Vietnamese women and children along the walls ( a la Lac Viet nearby). Right next door is Pho Hoa who also provides decent Vietnamese fare for our area. It’s a shame that not more people know about these two restaurants, despite being only a few blocks away from the busy Mills Avenue / Colonial Dr corridor.
Among the many dishes I have tried on various visits here with friends and loved ones, a few things stood out for me. The flavor of the Pho here at Vinh is deep and tasty, and the meat is plentiful. The thit nuong (grilled pork) is exceptional, where I once thought that all the Vietnamese restaurants used the same meat or recipe, the grilled pork here is actually quite delicious.
The service isn’t too bad here either as the waiters on all occasions have been considerate and thoughtful during our meals, bucking the trend of brutish service at our local establishments.
Overall, Pho Vinh is a pleasant surprise and welcome addition to the Orlando food scene.

Banh Xeo – A Vietnamese crepe/pancake dish stuffed with shrimp and pork
Banh Xeo – A Vietnamese crepe/pancake dish stuffed with shrimp and pork
(make sure you dip it in the fish sauce provided) 

I like to wrap my egg rolls in lettuce and dip it in the sauce yummy 

( it makes me feel like its healthier that way )
Bun Bo Hue – a mildly spicy noodle soup from the city of Hue


Com Thit Nuong – Rice platter with grilled pork 

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