Tangierine Cafe @ Morocco – EPCOT

Tangierine Cafe @ Morocco – EPCOT

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Tangierine Cafe @ Morocco – EPCOT

EPCOT is probably the theme park enjoyed more by adults than their young children. I guess our sensibilities and appreciation changes as we get older. Who wouldn’t want to travel around the world and back to the future in just one Central Florida afternoon?

What more, if you look in the right places, EPCOT can be quite the foodie destination. (If you look in the right places)


Halfway around the world in Morocco, my fellow adventuring companions decide to sit down at the Tangierine Cafe after looking over the menu.

A Impressive array of gyro meat gyrating on their sticks in the Tangierine Cafe in Morocco

I chose the chicken/lamb shewarma combo platter with hummus, taboule salad, and Moroccan cous cous. It was plentiful of food and tasted just fine, although I have had better, it was decent. We also got a delightful little baklava dessert to round off the meal. The best thing about this place is that everything here is very reasonably priced 😀

The chicken/lamb combo platter at Tangierine Cafe



BAKLAVA the favorite dessert of everyone in the middle east and greece

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