Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2 Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2

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Mark Baratelli, 407-310-5905,

New time: 7pm – 12am
New location: Dillards parking lot at Fashion Square Mall, Colonial Drive
Admission: Admission is free, the food is not. 

Red Eye BBQ  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Yelp
Korean BBQ Taco Box
CJ Jerk Shack Island BBQ Website | Yelp
Big Wheel Provisions Truck  Twitter | Website
The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Email
The Taco Lady Facebook 
Winter Park Fish Company  Facebook
The Crooked Spoon   Facebook | Twitter | Website | Yelp
The Treehouse Truck  Facebook | Twitter 
The Wing Commander FROM MIAMI!
Sunset Ice Facebook
Country Chuck Wagon

Daniel Dennis and Tom Vann, hosts of A Mediocre Time, (TwitterFacebook) will be roaming the bazaar doing interviews with folks in line, interviews with the truck owners and anyone else who wanders up and says hello. 

Meet the folks behind some of the best known food blogs in Orlando including TastyChompsEat Local Orlando,Droolius and DaFoodie. They’ll be at one table answering your questions about food trucks and the local food scene. 

A portion of the funds from this bazaar will go to the Childrens Home Society of Florida

This event can be tons of fun if you know what to expect before you arrive. So make sure you’re prepped and ready for a night of fun by reading this brief list of “hard facts.”

1. Expect to wait in long lines. While the food is delicious, it does not come fast. Why? Its not fast food. These are restaurants on wheels. Plan to wait.

2. We (The Daily City) have no control over the speed at which the lines move. The food trucks themselves control that.

3. Some trucks will run out of food. This can happen while you’re waiting in line.

4. Expect to experience 1 – 2 trucks. If you get to experience more, yay!

5. This event ends at midnight. If you’re in line and its midnight, your line will be cut off, whether you’ve ordered food or not. This is not our choosing.

6. If you want to sit down while in line or while eating, bring a chair.

7. Bring cash: ones and fives (not tens and twenties) are VERY welcome by the vendors. Some, not all, trucks accept credit.

HISTORY has been a supporter of food trucks dating back to 2009 when we started hosting food truck meetups called Taco Truck Taste Tests. We’d ask readers to meet us at trucks all over the city, one truck at a time, and try the food, explore new parts of the city, support small businesses The goal was to raise awareness of our city’s food trucks.

Also in 2009, we took the idea of food trucks and thought, “If you can sell food from a vehicle, what else can you sell?” and launched Mobile Art Show, a monthly show in downtown Orlando that takes place in a moving van. 

In 2010, we read about the Hells Kitchen Food Truck Bazaar, loved the idea, but thought it was a bit too ambitious for us to tackle. So, we blogged about it and left it at that. In January 2011, the owner of Red Eye BBQ food truck suggested we were the ideal people to put on a food truck event like the gatherings happening in Miami and across the country. With his vote of confidence, we made an official announcement February 2, 2011 and watched it come to life March 29, 2011.

Ricky Ly founded in 2008 as a local Orlando food blog dedicated to finding the tastiest bits and pieces of Orlando as well as around the world. His first book, Food Lovers' Guide to Orlando: The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings (Food Lovers' Series) is available now on and Photography is taken using a Canon EOS 6D and a Sony Nex-3. In 2017, he was inducted into the Orlando Sentinel's Culinary Hall of Fame. He is also featured in the Orlando Sentinel's Central Florida 100, a weekly opinion column featuring 100 of the most influential people in local government, politics and culture. In 2018, he was chosen by the Orlando Weekly as one of the "Ten People Making Orlando a Better Place to Be." E-mail him at tastychomps(at) Google


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