Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Travelling to NYC next week!

Any recommendations for places to go and eat? nom nom nom…

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  1. Serendipity III (known for ice cream, but have the best potato skins I've ever had), Lombardi's Pizza on the Corner of Spring and Mott (the best pizza in the country, hands down), and Magnolia Bakery (if the one in the West Village is too busy, take a taxi to the one on the upper west side–much bigger!)

  2. i'll never remember the name of it but if you find yourself in greenwich village, ask around for the best burgers in town. i was pointed to a hole in the wall joint with a bar and the only menus were on chalkboards scattered throughout the place.

    old wood pub style tables, no silverware just paper plates will be served with the best effing burger you could ever hope to wrap your mouth around. i remember a green awning on the outside of the place.

    also, make sure you slam about 10 beers at McSoreley's one of the oldest bars in NY (i think they recently lost the claim of oldest to someone under the brooklyn bridge). they have two house beers on draft. light and dark. choose your poisen and enjoy some cheese and crackers amidst a haunted pub esque feel with everything covering the walls from local firefighter patches to actual vintage WANTED posters for John Wilks Booth.

    and of course, Katz deli. you know the drill. pastrami and their house sweet te.