Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Flushing Mall – Flushing Adventure part III


The Flushing Mall is a two story indoor “mall”, which sadly to say is going the way most underperforming malls in America are: down under. Many of the stores here are closed and the ones that are open sell random dollar store stuff or are just plain random. The mall itself is kind of decrepit and probably has seen better days. Nevertheless there is one section of the mall that continues to see business: the Food Court.

The Food Court of the Flushing Mall is a long area where there are food vendors dishing out various Chinese specialties. At this time in the morning – a little bit before 10 am – there were still a few stores not open yet. We try our luck with the Shaved Ice lady and ask her if we can have a special combo icee. After a few tries at translation, I hand her the money with about 10 cents in pennies. She pushes the pennies back to me, “No, I don’t want, no one wants this!” A little bit annoyed, I look around for a dime for this ridiculous cashier lady. -_-

When we got the shaved ice, it came in a huge bowl topped with mung beans, red beans, condensed milk, syrup and more goodie sweets and jellies. Overall I enjoyed the shaved ice but wish there were more fruits!





A few doors down is a stall with another Chinese lady who was more cordial and friendly. We ordered a pretty large dumpling for about 80 cents. I paid her with a bill.

It was overall a great steamed pork bun and juicy to the bite. I wish I had more!


The lady with the nice buns!

What a nice bun!

The pork filling inside the bun! Delicious and juicy!

Overall. Buns were fun, shaved ice was not the best experience due to the long argument with the cashier lady.

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  1. Heyy i dont know if you remember me but I met you randomly at a pi thing over the summer and we talked about your blog! I unfortunately forgot to comment hi on it until I stumbled onto your yelp review on flushing mall where you linked to your blog! Anyway, awesome blog and how are you doing? Orlando looks super delish.