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Spicy and Tasty – Szechuan Cuisine – in Flushing

Spicy and Tasty
Szechuan Cuisine
Flushing, Queens, New York


I first heard about Spicy and Tasty from one of my brothers, Victor Yin. It was lunch time during our conference and a few of the places in the area were already full with customers. Luckily Spicy and Tasty was open and could take in our party of 18 (we split into three tables of 6).

Spicy and Tasty is renown for their Szechuan style of food, noted for its spicy and tasty textures and flavors through the liberal use of Szechuan peppercorns, garlic, and chili. The Szechuan peppercorns have a slight lemony taste and create a tingly numb feeling in the mouth unlike traditional black pepper. I am actually not a fan of this taste usually, however with the dishes we ordered here, the balance of spice and taste was perfect.

First we ordered some chinese vegetables such as the chinese spinach with beef and another chinese greens dish. Both were quite tasty, but our favorite was the Sam Ding Gai / San be ji or Three cup Chicken, a traditional Taiwanese dish, cooked in a earthen clay pot with thai basil and peppers and marinated with a cup of rice wine, soy sauce, and sesame oil (the three cups). It is said a restaurant that can not cook this dish well, would not be a good restaurant at all. The dish was indeed very good and reminded me of my grandma’s home cooked chicken dishes that she once made for me as a child.




Sambeiji, Three Cups Chicken!

After lunch, we went back to the conference where we enjoyed some dumplings and I also noticed this cool jacket worn by Ernie Luk from the University of Florida.


Dumplings from Flushing Mall


dumplings at the conference yes


It was made by One Greek Store, a dependable, reliable, quality store that makes jackets, apparel, and gifts all for a very great price. The website has been recently renovated as well with more features, check it out at Shout out to my Big Dennis Ngin and brothers Tony Tran and Nick Leung for working hard on One Greek Store.


Spicy & Tasty
(718) 359-1601
39-07 Prince St
Queens, NY 11354

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