Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Xinjiang Lamb and Chicken Skewers – Street Meat cart – Flushing NYC


After lunch, we decided to take a walk around Flushing to walk off our soup dumpling breakfast and headed east on 39th Avenue past Main Street. Here is where we encountered the Xinjiang meat cart, the merchant of magical meats based out of the Xinjiang region of China.

Xinjiang, north of bordering Tibet, is the province where the recent Uyghur unrest occurred where ethnic strife between the minority Uyghurs and the majority Han Chinese sparked days of rioting. Thankfully the only rioting that will be going on here in Flushing is the riot my tummy will make for some skewered meat. The great thing about these skewers is that its only $1.00 for lamb or chicken or beef grilled on a stick peppered with spices and dusted with cumin. Ah yes, meat on a stick – a perennial favorite street food.

The man behind the stall is quite friendly and jovial, dishing out his meat with agility and speed to the consumers waiting nearby. He asks us, “Spicy?” which we reply, “yes” of course.

I enjoyed the lamb and chicken skewers as they were fresh off the grill, juicy, fatty, and packed a spicy punch. Definitely eat these with something to drink to cool off the spicy-ness.

Note that these stalls do not open for business till around 10AM or so, and before 10AM, there are donut/breakfast carts set up around Flushing instead.

The happy meat man from Xinjiang



Lamb shish kabob, peppered with cumin and spices

Lamb shish kabob, peppered with cumin and spices

Chicken Shish Kabob

Chicken Shish kabob

Xinjiang BBQ Cart on Urbanspoon

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