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La Granja – Chicken – Orlando

La Granja – Pollos y Carnes a la Brasa – Chicken and Meat rotisserie – Orlando

La Granja a La Brasa

La Granja, Spanish for the Farm or the Grange, serves tasty Peruvian fare from its location on the southwest corner of Semoran Blvd (SR 436) and Aloma Avenue (SR 426)in Winter Park, Florida. Founded in 1993 on the Caribbean island of Aruba, it is actual a international franchise specializing in Peruvian style rotisserie chicken, with additional locations throughout Latino-centric communities in South Florida.

A Wall of Locations for La Granja throughout Florida and the Caribbean

La Granja is a place that may appear very sketchy on the outside/inside, but rest assured the food here is great. The place is a bit intimidating, a bit dirty, a bit run down of a hole in a wall, but its busy with people coming in and out for orders of their Peruvian style chicken.

Order at the front at La Granja

People in line for food at La Granja

Magical sauces at La Granja

Decoding the sauces by colors at La Granja

Inside, there are rows upon rows of chicken rotating on rotisseries in La Granja, roasting to a succulent perfection. I love looking at them spinning in the fire, with the metal squeaking as it turns around and around. The chicken at La Granja here in Orlando is juicy and flavorful, and also at a pretty good/cheap price. There is a great lunch combination of 1/4 chicken, yellow rice and a side for $4.25. In addition to fries, they have yuca, fried banana, and salad among other options. Basically, to quote my friend Mike, “it is what Pollo Tropical tries to be, but more authentic”. Not to diss Pollo Tropical’s chicken as it is pretty good, but La Granja’s chicken just has that extra kick of flavor not found in the more mainstream fast food establishments.

Chicken on the metal box rotisserie, spinning

Twirl, over the open flame, you wonderful chicken

They also have a sizeable seafood selection from grilled and fried fish to a seafood soup, a hearty tomato based soup filled with calamari, shrimp, and mussels.

The 1/4 chicken meal with rice and fried bananas at La Granja

The 1/4 chicken meal for $4.25

Tasty Chomps rating!!!
4 out of 5 Tasty Chomps!!!!

La Granja Brasas Grille on Urbanspoon

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