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New Orleans Cajun Seafood – Pine Hills – Orlando

New Orleans Cajun Seafood – Pine Hills – Orlando

Located in sunny Pine Hills, a community also known affectionately as “Crime Hills”, New Orleans Cajun Seafood stands in a small shack on West Colonial Drive between Kirkman Road and Pine Hills road. A huge American flag sign flys up above the establishment and the exterior is decorated with fishing nets and various sea memorabilia, giving it hints of a harbor scene.

Inside, you order at the counter. Written on sheets of blue and white paper in what appears to be blue marker are the daily specials and menu for New Orleans Cajun Seafood. From Shrimp po boys to king crab legs to boiled crawfish and more, New Orleans Cajun Seafood pretty much does it all. The decor is minimal, like a rustic school cafeteria, however they did have a pretty cool instructional guide on how to eat crawfish.

How to Eat Crawfish Guide
1. Find the Biggest Crawfish
2. Break it in Half
3. Suck the Head
4. Peel back the Shell
5. Pinch the Tail
6. Bite the Meat
7. Savor the Spices
8. Sip a Cold Beer

The establishment is actually owned by a Vietnamese family who immigrated here from the New Orleans area. Even half way around the world, Vietnamese families who immigrated as boat refugees to the American Southeast over 30 years ago after the fall of Saigon, found their way to survival by fishing and shrimping along the gulf coast, especially along the bayou of Texas, Louisiana and Alabama where still today there are sizeable Vietnamese populations. There were even bouts with the KKK back in the 1980s when they first arrived when they were attacked and intimidated, but luckily they were defeated in the courts . It also helped that the Vietnamese fishermen were trained in warfare and usage of AK-47s as a result of the decades of war in Vietnam.

Anywho back to New Orleans Cajun Seafood, I was here to meet up with some old friends, fellow blogger ( ) as well as Justin, An, and Johnny. They arrived first and were already chomping down on their crawfish, boiled and served steaming hot with their cajun spices and the garlic butter sauce. Justin and Uyen had ordered the King crab legs so it took a little while longer than the other items to come out.

I ordered some of the crawfish as well as some of the jumbo shrimp. The crawfish was fresh and juicy with each spicy bite, however I would caution from getting the garlic butter sauce as there was a lot of garlic in it if you don’t like garlic too much. It was a bit overpowering but still enjoyable.

The jumbo shrimp were the size of my head, literally jumbo sized. They were good and similarly fresh and delicious, but I think it may have resulted in unwanted bowel movements later in the evening, c’est la vie. It’s bound to happen with me and seafood.

Overall, I enjoyed New Orleans Cajun Seafood and wouldn’t mind coming here with some buds and beer and enjoying some crawfish cooked on the premises for $4.99 a lb.

Tasty Chomps Rating!!!
3 out of 5 Tasty Chomps!!!

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  2. re: the bowel issue — it's likely the sulfites that are added to preserve the seafood. try eating seafood at restaurants that use "fresh from florida" seal and see if you notice a difference (no more bowel issues)