Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – New York City

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – New York City

The first time I saw the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory a few years ago, I was, at first, quick to
dismiss the place from the exterior as another tourist attraction in the bustling, crowded
Chinatown of New York City. Little did I know that this little ice cream factory actually
serves up quite a few very unique and distinctly Chinese flavors for ice cream!

You can immediately recognize the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory from their trademark
banner flag, a fat dragon reminiscent of Bowser from Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers ūüėÄ

They have many unique flavors here: from mango to durian to lychee and longan as well as all the
traditional ice cream flavors. yumm

On this visit, I chose to get the Almond cookie flavored ice cream. Almond cookies were
always a favorite of mine from childhood, whose aroma always reminded me of my
grandma’s cookie jar.

The almond cookie ice cream tasted just like almond cookies! in ice cream form of course.
I’d definitely go back to visit again next time I’m in Manhattan.

The Almond Cookie Ice Cream

Nearby is a statue of Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher (Chow yun fat recently made a epic bio pic of the great master)

they even have a blog on blogspot!

swedish tv interview

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