Monday, July 15, 2024
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Tortas El Rey – The King of Tortas Sandwiches


What is a torta? In my opinion, it’s basically like a Mexican burger, taco fillings inside a bun.

Mosey on down to south Orange Blossom Trail if you dare, (it’s in a shady bit of town but don’t mind the locale, its all about the food!), and check out Tortas El Rey. The King of Tortas Sandwiches.

Housed in an old Checker’s, Tortas El Rey is a Mexican fast food place just north of the Florida Mall here in sunny Orlando, FL. You can walk up to the check in or order at the drive thru and eat outside in one of their shaded tables. Best of all its open 24 hours.

I ordered the beef (carne asada 4.80) torta and a pork taco.

The beef torta was stuffed with beef, lettuce, tomatos, and a mayo sauce. The buns were okay, though I wish the torta was more flavorful and more fresh.

The taco was amazingly cheap for around 50 cents a taco, but of course it was not as meaty.

Overall, if you don’t mind the slightly dirty feeling of eating along OBT, Tortas El Rey is not too shabby. This place is definitely for the adventurous ones out there, though the food itself is not all that “exotic” (though they do have lengua – beef tongue tacos).

I continue my search for amazing Mexican food in Orlando…






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  1. Definitely one of my favorite *very* late night Mexican stops (the other being California Burrito Kitchen on Colonial).

    My favorites there are the burritos. Go with either the Al Pastor or Carne Asada burritos "with everything." The meat is perfectly marinated and everything is mixed with refried beans and a delicious marinated onion mix. Maybe onions as well, I can't say that I was 100% sober last time I ordered.

    Either way, quality is pretty consistent.

    I'm not sure if they're always 24 hours though. It may only be on/around weekends. I've stopped by early on my way to work and found them closed. YMMV.

    Anyhow, thanks for highlighting this great little place. And yes, rough part of town. Drive through if you're squeamish.

  2. If you want to try AMAZING and authentic mexican food in Winter Park, go to El Pueblo at 7124 Aloma Ave. Everything is homemade. You have to try the sopes. They are the best I've had, better than the ones I had in Baja California. The only downsides are it's cash only and the service can be a little slow because it's all made from scratch, but it's absolutely worth it!! And the prices are very reasonable.

  3. Tortas El Rey has the best of all that..don't let the little building fool you..the best in orlando.places come and go but they have been there since 2004…let's support them did you know they just lowed their award winnig chicken torta to3.99 and they have chicken or pork tacos for .50 cents durring the week like mon thru fri..the best BANG for your buck by far..check it out..