Monday, April 22, 2024
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Eternal Tap – Beer and Pizza – Downtown Orlando

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Eternal Tap can be a little hard to find and very easy to miss, just back of Hamburger Mary’s parallel to the railroad tracks in downtown Orlando. Probably better known for its beer and whiskey cocktails, Eternal Tap has a lot of potential, especially with the space inside the Church Street Station, but is in need of improvement in several areas. The best thing to get here really are the beer cocktails and the unique drinks.

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The food department is in need of a lot of work, especially in regards to sourcing of ingredients and preparation. Although service was very friendly, timing and coordination with the kitchen also needs improvement.

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The place is quite gorgeous, with old brick settings from the Church Street Station motif, but maybe a little bit too bright

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Below the main area, a small almost speakeasy type bar area is available for small parties.

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A scene of monks preparing barrels of libations

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Nutty Rum Runner – Rogue hazelnut rum, banana liqeur, splash of soda, fresh pineapple juice, fresh orange juice

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The pizza was probably the best food item here, as the Full Barrel pizza with pepperoni, ham, mushroom, onion and green pepper was actually quite delicious. The cheese and the ingredients went well together, though ultimately I wished the crust had a bit more flavor to it.

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A bit chewy and a bit too fatty, the chicken wings reminded me a bit too much of the frozen wings in the little red bags at the grocery store. I would not recommend the wings at this time.

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The pretzels here also can easily be passed over, reminiscent of the pretzels served at the concession stand at the Amway Arena – rather flavorless and uninspired, despite the layers of parmesan cheese on top.

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I really hope that Eternal Tap is able to turn around in their food department, or maybe cut back on the poorer quality items and focus on what is best here: the drinks at the bar.


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