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Top Sandwich Shops in Orlando by Deli Fresh Thread’s Anthony Biggie Bencomo – Guest Post

Our guest post today is by Anthony “Biggie” Bencomo, a UCF alumni and local Orlando man who followed his dreams and started his first t-shirt brand He is a huge sandwich lover and so I asked him to share with us some of his favorite sandwich places in Orlando!

Here we go….

Grilled Cheese

Hello TastyChomps readers…. I first met Ricky,of Tasty Chomps on Twitter. I’m a self proclaimed foodie and wanted to find local food reviews. I have relied heavily on many of his restaurant reviews and, he has helped my wife and I find many fantastic favorite local restaurants. My real love is sandwiches! I didn’t want to open a restaurant or food trucks, so instead, I turned my love for sandwiches into wearable art. In January of this year I opened: Deli Fresh Threads. A t-shirt brand dedicated to the sandwich. You can check out my virtual deli shop here:

Argyle Shirt PBJ and Traditional

Since I love food and sandwiches – Ricky thought it would be fun for me to write about what I love. I wanted to share a list of my favorite local sandwich shops in Orlando: One thing I noticed while coming up with my list was that all the sandwich shops either make their own bread in house or get fresh bread shipped to them daily. Which I think is one of the key ingredients to making a great sandwich.


C&S BrisketBus

Food trucks have become very popular in Central Florida. There are some really good food trucks out there. Have you tried the Fritas or the Cuban Sandwich from TwistedCuban? What about the Chicken and Waffle sandwich from Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles? Or the Bahn Mi from the folks at Fork in the Road? Most food trucks have a signature sandwich and I have a few favorites out there!

One of my favorite food trucks that I make it a point to eat at, at least once a month, is C&S BrisketBus. I get the Brisket sandwich from Brisketbus. The brisket is fantastic and has great flavor, topped with homemade BBQ sauce, served on a Brioche Bun or Texas Toast. If you know brisket, you know that it can be a tough meat if not cooked properly. However, their brisket is always very moist and tender.

If bacon is on the menu make sure to get it, it goes fast and it goes great with the brisket.

Another menu favorite is the Reuben/Rachel. If it’s on the menu- do yourself a favor and order a “Sex on a Boat”- it’s a half of a Reuben and half of a Rachael. You will thank me for that.

One of the things that adds to their sandwich is the bread they use. They get their bread from @OldeHearthBread Company, a local bread bakery in Altamonte Springs. I suggest you try the Brisketbus, they are usually around town and at all the Food Truck Bazaars. They also are at the Chevron near UCF on McCullough Rd, near UCF’s BrightHouse Network Stadium.

If hungry, go follow them on Twitter ( to see where they will be feeding the masses.

Ma Ma Ling Ling Pom Poms

Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria

I love this place. This is one of the few places that I go to and will try and eat a different sandwich each time I go. My wife loves it too, so it works well when we go on date nights. I’ve liked every sandwich I have had there. I have enjoyed the Asian BBQ; Mama Ling Lings Thanksgiving; Ham and Salami; and Big Daddy’s Triple Decker (w/bacon).

They have different featured flavored teas available hot or cold each day. Their teas are imported from Canada and they get their bread from somewhere out in the Midwest fresh daily. You get three choices, white, wheat, or pumpernickel, always fresh and great with their sandwiches.

Aside from good eats, they are pretty much always open so if you are hungry and near Bumby you can stop in and get yourself an awesome sandwich.

When you are ready to pay check out my guy Biggie Bread on their receipt printer.

You can read Tasty Chomps review of Pom Pom’s Teahouse Sandwicheria here:

Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria, 67 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Briantos Philly Cheese

Brianto’s Original Hoagies

I’m not from Philly, and I know everyone has their idea of what makes a great philly cheesesteak and their cheesesteak place is the best. I’ve had friends that are from Philly and have tried Briantos and they say its pretty legit. I’m heading to Philly in November and will enjoy an authentic cheesesteak, but until then I have Briantos!

Just as important as the meat they are using to make their cheeseteaks, is the bread used. They get Amoroso rolls flown in everyday so you are getting the closest cheesesteak you can from Philly in Central Florida.

I live in East Orlando and it is still a trek to Avalon to get their cheesesteak. However, sometimes you need that cheesesteak goodness. I like mine with provolone and onions.

My only gripe is that they use to sell a tortalini salad as a side and that was my clincher to get my wife to do the drive and eat there. They now only have it available for catering.

You can visit @Briantos at:

12001 Avalon Lake Dr, Orlando, FL 32828

Check out what Tasty Chomps also wrote about Briantos:

As much as I try to eat at local small businesses, sometimes I need to pick something up to eat at a chain/big box location. My few go to’s are Publix and WaWa.

Publix makes their bread fresh and slice their own meats fresh. Myfavorite Publix sub is the chicken tender sub. Next time you order a Chicken Tender sub take it to another level: add ham and cheese to it and make it a Chicken Tender Cordon Bleu sub.

My new favorite quick sandwich stop is WaWa. WaWa just recently moved to Central Florida from up north (Philly/South NJ). When you see a WaWa you may think twice about ordering food there since it looks like an ordinary gas station/convenience store. However that is not the case. WaWa has a built to order full deli with touch-screen ordering for sandwiches, drinks and shakes. The bread, among other things is made fresh in house.

I like their shorties (6 in sandwiches) and their full hoagies. You have a wide range of fresh vegetables, condiments, and cheese to add as toppings. To give you an idea of how much I like their sandwiches- I enjoy regularly their chicken salad sandwich. When was the last time you heard someone say that about a convenience store chicken salad sandwich?

Meat Lovers Paradise from HotKrust


I love meeting passionate people who believe in what they make and serve good food. That’s exactly what you get when you meet Evan and his restaurant Hot Krust. This guy has a passion for his food. He wanted something delicious and healthy. He wanted a place his kids would enjoy without all the preservatives or fried and greasy food choices. Instead of fried they bake their wings and waffle fries. All the meats they use are roasted. No processed meats here, just delicious.

If you are vegetarian there are plenty of options with his fish and veggie sandwiches as well as salads..

I enjoy a lot of the sandwiches at Hot Krust. All of them have fresh bread baked locally. Don’t come in thinking Panini- come in thinking delicious and healthy for a good price. If you are a burger person- the Burganini is very good and filling. I am a fan of Evan and HotKrust.

Check out @HotKrust at:

8015 Turkey Lake Rd
Ste 200
Orlando, FL 32819
Neighborhood: Dr. Phillips

(407) 355-7768

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite places to order a sandwich in Orlando. My favorites will and have evolved with time. If you know of a sandwich place I should go and try, let me know (@DeliFreshThrds on twitter) I am always looking to try a new sandwich place in Orlando. Either way, keep eating and enjoying the #KingOfMeals: the Sandwich!

Sandwich Parade

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