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The Great Orlando Mixer presented by Orlando Weekly

Photos and Words by Unique Michael

“Men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, Author of The Great Gatsby 

Remember those magnificent parties Gatsby put on for Daisy in The Great Gatsby? On Saturday, March 8th 2014 Orlando Weekly hosted the largest cocktail party, The Great Orlando Mixer at The Cheyenne Saloon at Church Street Station. Hundreds of folks dressed in extravagant 1920s attire and partied to 1920 remixes of today’s pop hits.

If you’ve never been inside The Cheyenne Saloon, you’re missing out. The interior is reminiscent of a western saloon where the winner of a “showdown” drank to celebrate their victory. When you first walk in, you’ll notice the mirrors behind the side bars. They reflect the entire Saloon, showcasing the beauty in whole. As you move closer to center of the room, your eyes immediately float to the beautiful wood floors, paneling, and railings. If that isn’t reminiscent of a beautifully designed saloon, the stained-glass fixtures and windows bring out the real western appeal where folks would drink and smoke for hours.

Despite the photo of everyone dancing and socializing from the mass amount of alcohol consumed, hundreds of drinkers judged Orlando’s top bartenders by trying each of the bartender’s unique cocktails, ultimately crowning one bartender as the winner of The Great Orlando Mixer.

Christina Eglin of Prato in Winter Park served up some truly dynamic vodka and moonshine drinks. Her original recipe for everyone to create at home is the Melone Picante.

Melone Picante Recipe:

-1.25 ounces Nolet’s Gin
-1 lemon wedge, squeezed
-0.75 ounces Canton Ginger Liqueur
-1 ounce fresh watermelon juice (adding simple syrup to taste)
-3 dashes habanero bitters

Jerid Johnston from Luma dazzled the crowd with his snazzy mustache and beautiful cocktails. His original recipe for everyone to create at home is the The Firm.

The Firm Recipe:

– 2 ounces Gentleman Jack
-1 ounce Blood Orange San Pellegrino
– 0.75 ounces soda water
-0.5 ounces agave nectar
-3 dashes grapefruit bitters

Alejanddro Munoz from Kasa wowed the crowd with their cocktails – one even had apple pie on the rim. His original recipe for everyone to create at home is the the Cinnamon Suspension Martini.

Cinnamon Suspension Martini Recipe:

-1.5 onces vanilla vodka
-2 ounces lemonade (homemade sour mix)
-Couple of dashes of cinnamon powder

Michael Studley from DTA electrified the crowd with his refreshing cocktails – one had cucumber. His original recipe for everyone to create at home is the the Real Mccoy

Real Mccoy Recipe:

-1.5 ounces Nolet’s Finest Gin
-1 ounce lemon juice
-0.5 onces Grapefruit San Pellegrino
-1 sprig rosemary
-1 ounce simple syrup
-0.5 ounces egg whites

The dancers put on a show, the music grew louder, and laughter filled the air.

Among the many food vendors, German Backhaus, a German bakery and deli (formerly Yalaha Bakery) in the Lake Ivanhoe District, served up mouthwatering breads, apple strudel, and a black forest dessert.



Photo by Orlando Weekly 

At the end of the night, the many revelers at The Great Orlando Mixer voted for Rene Nguyen of Hanson’s Shoe Repair as the Winner. His original recipe for everyone to create at home is the the The English Channel

The English Channel Recipe:

-1.5 ounces Plymouth Gin
-1.5 ounces Carpano Bianco Vermouth
-2 dashes orange bitters
-Cynar rinse

Specific Instructions:

1) Chill serving glass with ice. Combine gin, vermouth and bitter with ice and stir for 30 seconds.
2) Discard ice from chilled coupe glass and rinse with three dashes of Cynar.
3) Strain cocktail into Cynar-rinsed glass.
4) Take an orange peel and express oils over the surface of the cocktail, rim the glass using the peel and garnish.

Thank you Jessica Young from Orlando Weekly for inviting Tasty Chomps to The Great Orlando Mixer!

More photos of The Great Orlando Mixer by Kim Buttons of








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