Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Layover at Hong Kong International Airport

On a recent trip overseas, my wife and I stayed over at the SkyCity Marriott at the Hong Kong International Airport. It was a bit rainy that evening so we decided to forgo the excursion over to the main part of the city and just settled in at the hotel before heading out to our next destination, which was Bali at the time.


Dining options are limited at the Marriott, but there is one nice restaurant there called Man Ho. Mostly empty that evening, but it had some sleek modern decor. We came for one thing – Hong Kong style roast goose. These succulent roast poultry is similar to the roast duck we might find at Tasty Wok hanging in display cases around town at the Asian supermarkets – but the roast goose is on another level – juicy, bursting with flavor. I don’t know why it hasn’t crossed overseas yet, but here’s to hoping it will one day.

Man Ho - inside the SkyCity Marriott at Hong Kong Intl Airport
Man Ho – inside the SkyCity Marriott at Hong Kong Intl Airport


Roast Goose at Man Ho
Roast Goose at Man Ho
Black Bean squid
Black Bean squid

The next morning, we awoke early to catch our flight out. The airport itself has a flurry of dining amenities, from fast casual ramen to the classic Hong Kong dim sum. Some popular Hong Kong eateries and coffee shops (known as cha chaan teng) like Tsui Wah and Cafe de Coral also have outposts here – selling sort of “Western” influenced Asian dishes like macaroni noodle and beef soup and stuffed rice in lotus leaf. Couldn’t find the legendary French toast this time around though.

2013-12-17 08.09.24

2013-12-17 08.43.59

2013-12-17 08.44.05

2013-12-17 08.44.21

2013-12-17 08.50.00

2013-12-17 08.53.33

2013-12-17 08.54.36

We were flying – through a combination of points and finagling – first class on Cathay Pacific (one of the BEST airlines I’ve ever flown on in terms of service and comfortability) and after a quick breakfast stumbled upon their first class lounge, The Bridge.

Should’ve stumbled upon it earlier – we should have realized that Hong Kong is their main hub and headquarters. Food and amenities for days.

2013-12-17 09.40.03

2013-12-17 09.39.06

2013-12-17 09.19.36

2013-12-17 09.19.43

2013-12-17 09.19.47

2013-12-17 09.31.19

2013-12-17 09.38.34

2013-12-17 09.22.19

2013-12-17 09.27.07

Cathay Delight - the signature drink of Cathay Pacific -  made with coconut milk and kiwi juice
Cathay Delight – the signature drink of Cathay Pacific – made with coconut milk and kiwi juice


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