Friday, April 12, 2024
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Dragonfly Creates a Robata Experience

We were happy to visit Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi for a VIP Robata Dinner Experience, which consists of a special preview menu that is hand fabricated daily and quantities are limited. DSC_7446

Each dish is created by David Song, Chef De Cuisine, and his team to their best capabilities.


Aka Salad – fennel, cucumber, yuzu, heirloom tomato, micro wasabi green, shoyu vinaigrette. The octopus is very tender and the cucumber added a light, watery touch to the dish as the vinaigrette creates a unique taste for your palate.


Roberta Top Neck Clams – shoyu, sake, mirin, micro shish. This was my favorite dish of the night. The clams are delicious with or without the sauce in the shells.


Maitake Mushrooms – goma ai, togorashi, pine nut, micro cilantro. Maitake mushrooms were nicely cooked and tender. The sauce is creamy as well as slightly sweet and nutty.


Robata Grilled Bison – Japanese eggplant, sweet shoyu broth, togarashi, ryu oil. The grilled bison is nicely flavored and tender, yet slightly gamey. It goes very well with the sweet shoyu broth. The eggplant is a bit too soft for my preferences.


Bronzino – ginger scallion, ponzu, pickled radish. The fish is fresh and is great, even without the citrus-based ponzu.


Dango – red bean ice cream, anko paste, sweet shoyu glaze. The red bean ice cream is wonderful, especially with the shortbread crumble. The anko paste adds a sweet touch to the mochi it is glazed over. The Sweet shoyu glaze is not my favorite as I still think of its salty flavors.

The VIP Robata Dinner Experience can be booked by groups at

For more information, please visit Dragonfly Robata.

Photos by myself as well as Ruby Sea Official.

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