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The Brass Tap Hosts a Girl Scout Cookies & Brews Pairing

March 1, 2018, The Brass Tap teams up with another local brewery, Bowigens Beer Company, to host a Girl Scout Cookies & Brews pairing party in Orlando, FL. The Brass Tap, itself, began its franchise in Tampa, FL. This location on Mills Ave is the first to open in Orlando, FL three years ago.

Recently, we were invited for a preview of the pairing and we had a little fun.

The Girl Scout Cookies & Brews pairing includes:

  • Bow N Berries (ABV 4.3%) is paired with Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs)
    • This combination resembles a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The peanut butter from the cookie will cut the acidity of this beer.
  • Roschelle Roschelle (ABV 6.5%) is paired with Caramel deLites
    • It is like having cookies with your morning cold brew coffee. Notes of coffee from the beer and coconut from the cookie are enhanced.
  • Bow 9 (ABV 6.5%) is paired with Lemonades
    • A New England style IPA will be replacing the Bow 9 the day of the event
    • This was my favorite pairing. You’ll have to try it yourself to figure out why it’s my favorite!
  • 7 Layer (ABV 5.5%) is paired with S’mores
    • The S’mores cookie is interesting and is loaded with flavor. The 7 Layer beer consists of 7 different malts with flavors mixing with those of the S’mores smoothly.

We had a bite of a cookie before a sip of the beer paired with the cookie. You could also take a sip before taking a bite. OR, you could dip your cookie into the beer if you are brave enough.

The Brass Tap is a dog friendly establishment that brings “craft beer experience” to a whole new level. With 60-80 taps and over 100 bottles in many of our locations, you’ll be sure to find a beer that suits your palate’s needs. Experience live music every weekend while relaxing on our open air patio. Limited wine and cigar offered as well. Come see what craft beer culture is all about.

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