Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Tasty Chomps Scopes Out Cocina 214 Daytona Beach

We were invited to check out Cocina 214 Daytona Beach and we thought it would be a great idea to see what they had to offer compared to the location in Winter Park. We were told we’d taste new menu items so see if you can recognize any of them.

While waiting for our dishes, we enjoyed drinks with a great view of the beach as well as everyone’s cars parked on the sand. Photographed is the Elderflower Margarita, which was refreshing on a hot Florida day.

This is the Ain’t My First Rodeo appetizer that has ground meat over white queso, fresh vegetables and  fries. There was a little heat to this and it was a nice touch.

Next came the entrée choices.

The Fish Out of Water had a spicy touch to it. The fish was fried and tender.

Saddle Up is an entrée that is basically like the Ain’t My First Rodeo appetizer with a different protein. Saddle Up has fried chicken tenders instead of ground meat.

The Sassy Chick Tacos consisted of chicken tenders as the protein and this dish is quite similar to Saddle Up.

The last entrée we tried was the colorful Southern Comfort Tacos, consisting of very well done fried steak with each taco.


Check out the website for more information regarding Cocina 214 in Daytona Beach and Winter Park in Orlando, FL.

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