Monday, April 22, 2024
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#OrlandoToGo – Inside Look of Butter Bliss Bakeshop Including Secret Menu Items

Butter Bliss Bakeshop is owned and operated by Baker Lisa Vasquez in our local city we love so much. We were honored to try a few of her favorites, popular items mentioned by her customers as well as secret menu items while we’re in lockdown.

The Classic Brownie is a soft and cloud-like brownie made with melted chocolate for a real classic taste. If you add a drizzle of warm caramel on top and have it with a glass of warm milk, you’d be golden.

The Bacon Cheddar Chive Scone is a savory exclusive item that you cannot find on the menu. It is made with real bacon, chopped fresh chives, and shredded mild cheddar cheese. I hear it is everything you could want in a savory breakfast scone. Lisa suggests to warm in an oven for a few minutes for the maximum level of enjoyment when taking bites into the scone.

Another secret menu item is the Espresso Chocolate Chip Scone. Some new items may include one of the secret menu items whether it be scones or a savory item. This sweet espresso chocolate chip scone is made with freshly brewed Cafe Bustelo espresso, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and drizzled in a Maple Butter glaze. It is a perfect item to kick start your day with the amazing espresso brew and sweetness of the chocolate and maple butter glaze. However, with this pandemic messing up my sleep schedule, I can eat this caffeinated item all day.

A popular item of our community is the Chocolate Chip Cookie. It is a brown sugar cookie with golden crispiness on the outside.

The Blueberry Lime Ricotta Mini Loaf is a very moist cake, with lime zest, lime juice and fresh blueberries mixed in the batter. It is covered in a lime glaze and can be enjoyed warm or cold, dessert or breakfast. What makes this mini loaf so moist? It’s the ricotta Lisa adds to the recipe to make it what it is. This item was my mom’s favorite. She loves how it is more tart than sweet.

For more information, please visit Butter Bliss Bakeshop to order yourself a box as well as plan for your visit once this lockdown is over. Also, keep an eye out for one of our Tasty Chomps posts with a private interview with Owner/Baker Lisa Vasquez.

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