Let’s organize some snack/food drop offs for the front line workers at OCCC !! We are fundraising to purchase snacks/bites from local Orlando restaurants and markets to help feed the front line workers at the Orange County Convention Center vaccination site!

“At the Orange County Convention Center’s vaccination site we have lots of EMS and health dept folks out there. They welcome any snacks/food drop offs – if any place ever wants to drop off anything as a thank you or a treat or something, they are more than willing to have them there. And it always helps morale. The team can’t really go anywhere because of time constraints.   It’ll be a gesture and is such a great morale thing since the site is staffed 6 days per week for 12 hours a day. ”

This week , Tien Hung Market / Banh Mi Boy’s Benjamin Phan delivered over 200 Vietnamese Spring Rolls and gallons of Vietnamese coffee to support the Orange County Convention Center vaccination workers. Tien Hung is one of the oldest Vietnamese owned markets in Orlando located in the historic Mills 50 District.

Mr. Phan donated the coffee while money raised through a gofundme by Ricky Ly of TastyChomps.com the local Orlando food guide was used to purchase the food and support local Orlando businesses –

for more info visit https://gofund.me/eb14f7ad