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Heirloom Family Meal Delivery by Puff N’ Stuff Catering

Since 1980, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering has been the premier catering and full-service event planning company in Central Florida.

When 2020 forced the world to slow down, the folks at Puff N’ Stuff Catering saw a renewed interest in family time, and wondered, “what if we crafted fresh meals for busy families to provide the convenience of take-out or delivery, and the wholesomeness of making it yourself?”

Heirloom was created and designed to encourage and support the value of family meals – the service provides a family meal, without the time-consuming prep and clean up, delivered straight to your door.

Here is how to order Heirloom:

  1. CHOOSE – Select items from their weekly fresh-made individual or family sized meals and platters. Add items to complement from our pairings and market. You can even order Heirloom for multiple weeks at once!
  2. DELIVER – Free weekly delivery on a select day, based on your zipcode, or any day delivery for a fee. If you’re not home to receive you can leave a cooler out for us.
  3. HEAT & EAT – Follow simple reheating instructions for your oven or microwave to enjoy a quality mealtime. Relax and start planning your next week’s order!

Selections vary but some options include Eggplant Florentine Rollatini, Mirin Marinated Skirt Steak, Herbed Orzo with Chicken or Tofu, Slow Roasted Mojo Pork, and more. They even have kid friendly meals like chicken tenders and mac and cheese.

This meal delivery was truly delightful and is perfect for hosting a small gathering andor something between doing it all yourself and full-service catering. Seriously I was a huge fan of everything we got, especially the baked Bolognese pasta!

Baked Bolognese Pasta
Crab Dip

ENCHILADAS WITH CALABASITAS –  choice of chicken or portobello, fire-roasted tomato sauce, jack & cheddar cheeses, cilantro sour cream with roasted squash, corn, peppers, cilantro

QUINOA BOWL – quinoa pilaf, walnuts, radishes, carrots, watercress, dijon vinaigrette


This link will discount your order by $25 or you can also just type FOODIEFORUM25 at checkout. One use per customer, no expiration, no exclusions.

Interview with Puff N Stuff Catering about Heirloom

Tasty Chomps: Tell us about the history of Puff N Stuff – what are some special moments/accolades from its founding that most people don’t know about?

Puff N Stuff: In 1971, Susie Dietel and her two best friends, Yuklan Laing and Gwyneth Pogson, decided to open a bakery. This marked the beginning of “Puff ‘n Stuff” in Trinidad & Tobago. Later, Susie and her husband, Glenn, fulfilled their dream of moving to the United States with their young family.

Since 1980, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering has built an unsurpassed reputation for service and quality in Central Florida and Florida’s West Coast since 2010. From the smallest intimate dinner parties to corporate functions, grand banquets, barbecues, celebrations, weddings, disaster relief, and venue management, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering provides all of your catering needs with elegance, imagination, and style. With a team of trained and seasoned bartenders, we are equipped to provide full-service bars at any event.

We offer plated meals, interactive chef bars, traditional and hybrid buffets, packaged meals, and butler-passed services. Our extensive experience in both large and small-scale events is not limited to our home-based venues. We have the expertise to handle every detail of the event, from site coordination to rentals, to securing service staff.

How did Puff N Stuff pivot when the pandemic hit and lockdowns began?

Home meals have always been part of our DNA but wasn’t a big focus as events always took center stage. The foundation was in place, we simply needed to take a step back and develop a plan to efficiently prepare and deliver direct to our customer’s homes at an affordable price. We knew our meal delivery options would compete with nationwide meal kit services, prepared grocery store meals, and local delivery, so we focused on differentiating ourselves with truly fresh, seasonal meals delivered weekly to our customer’s homes offering regional delivery service at no additional cost.

This evolved into a new brand, Heirloom by Puff ’n Stuff based on the fundamental idea of getting families back together around the dinner table. These heat and serve fresh meals are prepared in our Orlando and Tampa kitchens then delivered to customer homes regionally, void of delivery fees or minimums. We feature seasonal menus that rotate weekly in family sizes and individual portions. Heirloom’s no-prep offerings launched with everything available through our new web app. Each week, a more interactive meal will feature items like assemble-it-yourself ramen, fajita kits, etc. Our team is excited to see Heirloom grow into a significant part of our business that keeps us closer to our customers and hopefully remove meal prep fatigue and enable families to reconnect.

What are the plans for the future for the company and through Heirloom?

Our initial focus with the Heirloom brand is to focus on perfecting the home meal delivery program. Eventually, we plan to launch a workplace version delivering hot meals, salads, sandwiches, and snacks to offices throughout Central Florida. We also plan for an on-demand service featuring the same meals through the likes of DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.

What should guests know about Heirloom when ordering?

Our menus change weekly and with the seasons. Everything is prepared fresh without the use of preservatives. We want there to be a little something for everyone, so regardless of the size of your family or whether you like to eat super healthy or prefer something a bit more decadent there should always be something that appeals to you. We hope to become a weekly staple in our communities.

If someone is planning a big family event, what are some recommendations you might have for them?

To always enlist the help of others! For some, that might mean spreading the planning and work out to multiple members of the family but if you’re able to bring in professional help that can definitely make the process so much easier. It’s always best if you can also be a guest at your own party instead of taking on all the responsibility of shopping, prep, cooking, and then clean up. Heirloom provides appetizer and dinner solutions for small gatherings and Puff ‘n Stuff Catering is always available for a more turn key solutions with professional waiters, chefs, and bartenders with supporting rental equipment.

What are the most popular items right now at Heirloom?

Everyone is ALWAYS asking for our chef’s Italian style meatloaf- which we call Polpettone of Beef and serve with Mediterranean Broccoli. Our collaboration with FitLiving Eats has also been extremely popular, Carly Paige, the chef behind those menu items has some great methods for making nutrient-dense food that is also super comforting and delicious. And the delicious cookie dough is always a hit – nothing beats freshly baked cookies right out of the oven!

 How was the menu developed?

The menu is a collection of recipes that have been passed down through generations, whether that be through the Dietel’s, Puff ‘n Stuff favorites, or other caterers and businesses in the communities we serve. Of course, we take into account upcoming holidays but seasonality and items that reheat well at home with broad family appeal is our primary focus. We hope to be THE solution for busy families.


Phone: (407) 398-6689


For Full Service Events: Visit Puff ‘n Stuff Catering

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