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Father’s Day with the Chefs at Four Seasons Resort Orlando

For Father’s Day, June 20, 2021, guests and locals visiting Four Seasons Resort Orlando can enjoy the full regular menus, plus additional food & beverage specials including the following, below.

Portrait photo of Executive Chef Fabrizio Schenardi

Several chefs on their team who are dads (Executive Chef Fabrizio Schenardi, Capa Chef Gabriel Massip, and Executive Pastry Chef Rabii Saber) and we spoke to them recently about the meaning of Father’s Day below!

Fabrizio Schenardi – Executive Chef – Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World Resort

-Father’s day is a day to spend with your children, but also a day to remember the fathers who have done an incredible job raising children with many sacrifices and unfortunately get forgotten by society.

-I’m not the type of person who need a gift to be recognized; a simple hug from my son is the best gift!

For his ideal Father’s Day dinner:
-I would like cannelloni with sausage and spinach, bechamel and tomato sauce. Bocche di leone alle fragole, is a small pastry from the area where I’m from in Italy, made with brioches, whipped cream, strawberry.

Fabrizio and son Lorenzo, who is headed to college in the fall!

Gabriel Massip –  Capa Restaurant Chef

Chef Gabe, Wife Khristy, daughter Addie

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Father’s day means the celebration of every dad and families.

What is on your wish list for a Father’s Day gift this year?

A new drill, the one I have isn’t working anymore!

What would you wish for to eat for your perfect Father’s Day meal?

A good roast beef and mashed potatoes like my mother makes. This represents the family weekends with my entire family back in France, with my cousins.

Portrait photo of Executive Pastry Chef Rabii Saber adjusting chocolate garnish

Rabii Saber, Executive Pastry Chef

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Father’s Day is a special day for our family where I feel recognized for providing unconditional love, encouragement, protection, and for being simply father to my two little boys.

What is on your wish list for a Father’s Day gift this year?

I am always curious to see the cards they make, that highlight their creativity to show their love and emotions.

What would you wish for to eat for your perfect Father’s Day meal?

We have the ritual of having a dessert every day. It can range from a quick sundae to a more elaborate pie or cake. However, sometimes we just enjoy eating fruits, mangos (their favorite), strawberries or blueberries which we pick when they are in season in Florida. I grew up in Morocco, and the dessert I grew up eating the most and on a daily basis included fruits. Having the opportunity to travel, as well, helped me to discover new and exotic fruits. When I am at the market, what catches my eye the most are fruits when they are ripened, appealing or exotic. I love to help the kids discover new flavors by taking them for a trip through a dish or simply a new fruit. Last year, during the quarantine time, I made the boys many dishes. The ones that stand out and the kids still talk about and ask for constantly are mango granita for dessert, and homemade pizza baked on the grill… this would be a perfect meal to make for this special day.

Rabii Saber and kids: Zidane, 9, and Zain, 6


Father’s Day Special Features

40 days Dry Aged 30 oz. Prime Tomahawk $160
Oakwood Fire Grilled | Duck Fat Hand Cut Fries | Smoked Onion and Truffle Aioli

Tranquilo Steak & Eggs $32
8 oz. Marinated Strip Loin | Sweet Potato Eggs In A Hole Chorizo | Avocado | Onions | Peppers | Scallion

Baileys & Raspberry Stuffed French Toast $20
White Chocolate | Raspberry Syrup

Shrimp & Potato Hash $22
Sunny Side Up Egg | Kielbasa | Tomato | Onion | Scallion Cheddar | Avocado | Cilantro | Yogurt

Michelada $14
Half Beer, Half Bloody Mary

Pastrami Sandwich $25 Brisket | Swiss Cheese | Cabbage Slaw Country Rustic Bread | Russian Dressing | Fried Pickles

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