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4 Chambers Desserts Vibes – Interview with Pastry Chef/Owner Jodi Pnaskolnakorn

4 Chambers Dessert Vibes is a new local Orlando based online pastry shop that offers high-quality, crafted sweets inspired by artisan desserts with a blend of oriental ingredients. Pastry Chef/Owner Jodi Pnaskolnakorn, an expert in Asian desserts and bakery, brings some exotic collections of flavors to you in a form of modern sweet bites.

We recently spoke with Chef Jodi about her business and how she got started during the pandemic.

4 Chambers Desserts Vibes – Interview with Pastry Chef/Owner Jodi Pnaskolnakorn

Tasty Chomps: Tell us about your background. What inspires you to bake and cook?

Chef Jodi Pnaskolnakorn: Born in Dallas, Texas, I spent my childhood growing up in Thailand.

While Thai food is well known for its richness in flavor and delicacy, Thai desserts, though not well regarded out side of the country, have incorporated the same richness in flavors, delicacy, and heritage as Thai food.

I have built my love of Thai and Asian desserts since my young age. Though my education background was in Biomedical Science, my passion has always been culinary and pastry. I relocated to Orlando, FL in 2006, and this was when I had my first opportunity in culinary area.

I started working part time as a server in a Sushi restaurant, where later became a Sushi chef trainee, and finally a Sushi Chef.

It was not easy for me to decide to change my career path from medical science to culinary and pastry, but this was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

It was for the first time that my career, hobby, and passion are combined into one.

What is your culinary experience, past jobs, training?

My culinary experience starts from the front of house to the back of house. I was working as a server in local Thai restaurants since 2006.

Then, I was trained became a Sushi Chef in 2015. I, then decided to enroll in the pastry school at Le Cordon Bleu College while still working as a Sushi chef. During that time, I started baking at home by taking orders from friends as well as working part-time as a cookie decorator at a local cookie shop.

After my graduation from Le Con de Bleu College, I started working full time in the Pastry department of Waldorf Astoria and Hilton Bonnet Creek Orlando, where my skills and proficiencies broadened and passion for my own creations grew.

I worked at the Pastry department of Waldorf Astoria until the department temporarily shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The timing was right for me to start my own brand, using my own ideas and creations, and so 4 Chambers Dessert Vibes was created.

Where does the name 4 Chambers Dessert Vibes come from?

A heart has 4 chambers. Only when all 4 chambers of a heart work together, fulfilling each of its own function, that the heart works as a whole.

My 4 chambers are flavor, presentation, quality, and consistency. My true passion is not only to create my dessert items, but also to put a perfect blend of my 4 chambers into each and every creation I have made.

The art and science of finding a perfect balance between what make a good dessert good never fails to excite me each and every day.

What are some of your most popular items right now?

• Mango Cream Cake (an April item): Vanilla chiffon filled with vanilla chantilly, mango sauce, and fresh mango.
• Thai Tea Crepe Cake (available in store at U Roll Sushi East Colonial location): Thai Tea crepe, chantilly cream, and sweet Thai Tea sauce.
• Coffee Almond Cake: Coffee chiffon filled with coffee ganache, coffee chantilly, candied almond, drizzled caramel sauce.

What makes your desserts unique and different?

As someone who grew up in Thailand, where dessert scene ranges from traditional Thai desserts, modernized dessert creations from Japan and Korea, and fused creations of the old and the new, the idea of creatively combining different ingredients from different origins is my niche.

Fresh fruit infused dessert is not new, but my Mango Cream Cake brings the refreshing natural mango and aroma and flavor of vanilla cake together without compromising the best of each element.

Thai Tea Crepe Cake have been tried before, but my Thai Tea Crepe Cake ingredients blend together with perfect sweetness and unique flavor of the Thai tea.

What is your favorite tip for baking?

While most people consider pastry and culinary as an art, I believe it takes a good share of science and experiment to come up with a good food or dessert creation.

It is not only selecting what to put together but also how, how much, and why.

While following available recipe and instructions will likely let you bake successfully for a short amount of time and less resource, understanding each ingredient and process and their complex relationship guarantees to make a better baker out of you.

What are some upcoming items that people can order?

April menu is launched for pre-order and you can choose to pickup or delivery on the available date and time.

The Mango cream cake includes to this menu and I recommend it. New items/menu is posted every month on the store’s Instagram and Facebook.

What are your future plans? your dream?

My goal is to have a small store front that people can comes in and enjoys my creations, also ordering cakes for their special occasions. Customers can also order online for pick-up or delivery through the store application and website.

How can people find out more about you and ordering?

You can find me on
IG: @4chambers.dessert, there is link in bio which bring you to the ordering form
FB: @4chambersdessertvibes, I pinned the link on the top of the page
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/4ChambersDessertVibes
Dessert Ordering Form:
Signature/Custom Cake Inquiry: https://form.jotform.com/4chambersdessert/signaturecustom-inquiry
Email: 4chambersdessert@gmail.com

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