Monday, March 4, 2024
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Woman goes on anti-Asian racist rant against Orlando King Cajun Crawfish employees in Mills 50 District

A little over 7 Years ago, we partnered with local NPR affiliate 90.7 WMFE to do a story on the local Vietnamese owned businesses in Orlando’s Mills 50 District. We met with Ha Nguyen, owner of King Cajun Crawfish of Orlando, who talked to us about leaving Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her restaurant of 10 years to rebuild here in Orlando.

A woman hurled racist, anti-Asian slurs at the employees at King Cajun Crawfish this week after being unhappy with her meal.

It is so disturbing to watch and hear about the anti-Asian incident that they experienced – it’s a lot of ignorance and I hope and pray our community can and will bridge that gulf with compassion, understanding, and love – we are one human family.

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Ha Nguyen, owner of King Cajun Crawfish

We spoke with Kristen Nguyen, manager at King Cajun Crawfish about how they are doing.

Tasty Chomps: How are things going right now?

Kristen, King Cajun Crawfish: Things are okay. We are getting a lot of support and love. We really appreciate everyone.

What can people do to help?

Everyone is already helping by sharing, bringing awareness and supporting us.

What do you want to see happen?

We’d like to see for people to speak up if they see incidents like this and help others. Some people may be afraid, non confrontation, not know how to respond. We also want to share that in no way should anyone accept this kind of behavior of hatred and racism.

The manager called the non-emergency line to report, but the operator let them know there is there nothing they could do.

Thankfully, through the Orange County Sheriff’s Office AAPI Liason committee, a sheriff was sent out to pay a visit to the business to gain more information and speak with the restaurant workers.

King Cajun Crawfish
ORIGINAL location – Mills Ave Orlando FL
924 N Mills Ave Orlando FL
11:30AM – 9:30PM

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