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COMING SOON: Bang Bang Noodle Co. by TOP CHEF Winner Hung Huynh to Open this Fall in Orlando’s Mills 50

Mills 50 will soon get a brand new hand-pulled noodle shop.

Bang Bang Noodle Co., led by Top Chef winner and Director of Culinary Innovation for Jimmy and Johnny Tung’s Omei Restaurant Group, will feature a small, casual 25-seat dining room, and open kitchen.

The concept will neighbor Vietnamese cornerstone Anh Hong at 1114 E. Colonial Drive.

Bang Bang’s Chef Hung Huynh

Bang Bang will operate under Omei Restaurant Group’s wide family of restaurant concepts, which includes Camille, BENTO Asian Kitchen + Sushi, and the newly opened Doshi.

“Chef Hung and I share a common love for authentic Asian food. Being from New York City, I can’t wait to bring some of our Flushing favorites to Orlando,” says Omei’s Johnny Tung.

Like its name suggests, Bang Bang Noodle Co. will be serving up fresh, hand-pulled noodles and scratch-made broths by the bowl. Specialties will include Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup, Pad See Yum, Chicken Ramen, and of course, Bang Bang noodles.

“I’m excited to show the public my favorite ways to eat noodles,” says Huynh.

Vietnamese-born, Chef Hung has served as a consultant in New York City to several higher-end restaurants across the country after his win on season 3 of Top Chef.

With the last few years spent in Orlando, Chef Hung is eager to finally turn this passion project into a reality.

“Orlando is ready for new, exciting concepts and I want to be involved in making that happen,” says Huynh.

We spoke with Omei’s Johnny Tung and Chef Hung Huynh recently about the upcoming opening and other plans with the group!

Interview with Omei’s Johnny Tung for Bang Bang

Ricky Ly of TastyChomps: What are you most excited about this new concept?

Johnny: I am excited to work with Chef Hung to bring a fun noodle slapping concept to Mills 50. We want to bring authentic flavors and techniques while keeping the atmosphere cool and casual.

What are some future plans and goals for the group?

My brother Jimmy and I are focused on elevating Orlando’s food scene with amazing chef driven concepts. We are really excited to be part of such a great foodie and culinary community. We have exciting news that we will announce soon.

What makes the restaurant scene in Orlando special ?

I love Orlando’s melting pot of diversity, the support from local communities, and acceptance of new ideas

What are some of your favorite food memories from Flushing and NYC?

Most of my family lives in NYC and while visiting them every summer, we would always check out the newest spots in Flushing and Manhattans Chinatown. Since we had a big family we would always take up half the restaurant. New York always reminds me of my late father since he opened his first restaurant in Brooklyn

Q and A with Chef Hung Huynh

Ricky Ly of Tasty Chomps: What is the inspiration behind this new concept?

Chef Hung Huynh – I love eating noodles and always wanted to open a noodle shop. I enjoy putting my own spin on different styles of noodles and flavors that I crave when I want a bowl wet or dry noodles .

Will the noodles be hand made in house?

Yes, Some will be made in-house and some will be sourced.

What are some of the dishes expected to be on the menu?

Some of the dishes will include:

  • The famous hand pulled noodle from Xian, that’s seasoned with lots of spices cooked with tender lamb or beef.
  • Ramen with a roasted chicken broth, thyme, poached chicken, and charred scallion oil.
  • Roasted whole lobster and garlic egg noodle.

Tell us about Biang Biang noodles and what makes them special

what makes Biang Biang noodles special is the chewy and smooth texture of the noodle and the spicy, tingly, and numbing of the sauce that makes its so cravable. It’s spicy but you cant stop eating it.

What was your first memories of food growing up?

My earliest memory of noodles is eating curry noodle from a hawker on the street corner, I remember the curry leaf and lemongrass aroma from the curry broth to this day.

Why do you think people love noodles so much?

Noodles are an alternative to rice (laughs). Noodles are fun to eat – they have many different textures, sizes, shapes, and flavors, and are make with different grains depending on what part of the whole is eaten. Noodles are filling and comforting to eat.

What’s it like working together in the Omei Group?

Johnny: We make a great team because we have different strengths but the same goals. We both love to be creative and have fun trying out new dishes at our test kitchen in Collab Kitchens

Hung: I’m having a lot fun working at Omei. I get to work with talented Chefs with different backgrounds. Johnny is very opened minded with lots of ideas that keeps me busy.

Why is being in Mills 50 important to you?

Johnny: Mills 50 is the heart of the best Asian restaurants of Orlando. It has so much history of where the Asian immigrants started the food scene 50 years ago and Chef Hung and I are proud to do our part to keep it going for the next generation

Chef Hung-I love Mills 50 because that’s where I go to get my Asian food cravings. which is almost everyday.

Bang Bang is anticipating an official open date later this fall 2022. Follow @bangbangnoodleco on social media for updates!

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