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Oysters 15 Different Ways? Wine 4 Oysters Bar and Bites in East Orlando

Did know there’s only one place in Central Florida serving oysters 15 different ways?

It’s called Wine 4 Oysters located in East Orlando and they just celebrated their 5th anniversary this October.

When it comes to preparing oysters, there are many different ways to enjoy them. One of the most popular methods is to shuck the oysters and serve them on the half-shell, typically with a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of hot sauce. Oysters can also be grilled, roasted, fried, or served in soups and stews. At Wine 4 Oysters, there’s even sake shooter oysters that you can enjoy.

Owners Tatiana and Andrey have created Wine 4 Oysters to become the place to go for oysters and seafood offering unique menu recipes from all over the world. Their extensive travels have brought their customers a menu including Argentina Royal Red Jumbo Shrimp, Thai-style Mussels, Pilipino Ceviche, Open-Faced Maine lobster rolls, Chinese 5-spice Ahi Tuna and much more.

We recently chatted with owner Tatiana Golenkova about the anniversary and everything going on at Wine 4 Oysters – read on!

Tasty Chomps x Wine 4 Oysters Interview

Tasty Chomps: Tell us about your background – how did you and your husband get started in the food industry?

Tatiana: We both love food and especially love Oysters so we wanted to open a neighborhood bar and offer a fresh unique menu from our extensive travels.

We are passionate about oysters because they are the perfect seafood offering so many health benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of eating oysters is their high nutrient content. Oysters are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, iron, and vitamins A, B12, and C. They are also low in calories and high in protein, making them a great choice for people looking to maintain a healthy weight.

Another benefit of eating oysters is their potential to improve heart health. Oysters contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help lower the risk of heart disease. They also contain compounds that can help lower cholesterol levels and improve overall cardiovascular function.

– What was your inspiration behind Wine 4 Oyster’s concept?

Because of our travels, we saw in different parts of the world how many different ways each culture serves oysters so we wanted to bring that experience and those tastes to our customers.

– What are some of your favorite childhood memories growing up around food?

Well, a funny story…when I ( Tatiana) was little, growing up in Russia…my mom told me that if you squeeze lemon on an oyster it will squeak…and I believed her!

– What are some little known unique/ special things about Wine 4 Oysters that people should know?

We are a scratch kitchen serving all of our food items fresh and prepared specifically for our guests. All of our recipes are simple and we have an old school approach to our cooking. We do our best to avoid any processed foods and we are always searching for new, exciting items to surprise our guests.

– What are the most popular items right now at Wine 4 Oysters?

Of course our oysters are our most popular item and since we serve them 15 different ways, we offer our guest samplers so they can try various toppings. And our guests should always start with our Sake Oyster Shooters.

– Tell us about your upcoming plans for Wine 4 Oysters as well as other restaurant ventures?

Since you asked, we are excited to announce that we will be opening our second location in the Dr. Phillips area in the New Year!

Oysters for takeout are available by the bushel & half bushel – call to order!

Wine 4 Oysters Bar & Bites
1957 S Alafaya Tr, Orlando, FL 32828

Happy hour prices on oysters  , beer  & wine -M-F 4-6pm!

The most popular time to eat oysters is during the cooler months of the year, typically between the months of September and April – December is perfect. This is because it is perceived that the colder water temperatures during these months produce oysters with a firmer texture and a more robust flavor. However, this may just be a myth as the production from oyster farms have helped produce some great tasting oysters all year round.

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