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Orlando’s Beefy King Celebrates 55 Years this Saturday 6/17/2023

Beefy King Restaurant (424 N. Bumby Avenue) in Orlando’s Milk District celebrates 55 years with a party on this Saturday June 17 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

To celebrate, Beefy King will be selling a limited edition, 55th Anniversary tie-dye shirt, starting on June 17th discounted to $15.

They will also have cake and cookies by @2smartcookiesfl available for purchase and giveaways along with the regular menu.

The drive-thru will be closed on the day of the anniversary so it can be used as a t-shirt sales area.

We spoke briefly with “third-generation Beefy Princess” Shannon Woodrow who runs and owns Beefy King with her husband James on this momentous occasion.

Tasty Chomps Interview with Beefy King’s Shannon Woodrow

Ricky Ly of Tasty Chomps: Wow 55 years!! how has Orlando changed for better or for worse in those decades?

Shannon Woodrow, owner: n my 47 years I have seen the milk District grow by leaps and bounds. I have seen so many times when our community has come together to support one another. We feel this slice of Orlando is special and we are honored to have survived the many changes to our surrounding area over the years!

 What do you think is the secret sauce behind the years of success for Beefy King?

No secret, just good, hard work! Family is always present, we are part of daily operations and always involved! We know the ins and outs of our building and equipment. We get our hands “dirty” and wouldn’t have it any other way! And customers and staff are like family.

What is next for the family and restaurant?

My husband and I will continue on running the Beefy as long as we can! It’s been 23ish years so far. We have 3 boys, 2 in college & 1 in high school, if they choose to jump in as the 4th generation then we will support them just like my parents support us!

 What is the most popular order at Beefy King’s ?

For sure the Beef cheese and lots of people love it with onion. The meal deal, with spuds and a drink is the most ordered combo.

Favorite memories throughout the history of Beefy Kings?

There are so many….I remember being 2 and all the employees walking me around Beefy, I loved raising our boys and taking them in to see grandpa & daddie. When Jimmy Fallon, Alton brown, daniel Tosh….and other celebs visited Beefy and told their fans! And now it’s the customers that come in with huge smiles and want to share their Beefy stories with me and want to meet Beefy family members. It’s an absolute honor to own the Beefy King!

From Beefy King: Another great Beefy memory! Grandpa (Freeman Smith) Uncle (Ken Smith) and Dad (Roland Smith)! From the early 70’s to our 50th in 2018. So many memories in this place! Excited to celebrate 55 this Saturday 6/17 normal 11am-3pm hours!

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