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Inside Look: Japanese style Omakase Dinner at Walt Disney World? Takumi-Tei Re-Opens at Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

Did you know there is a multicourse Japanese fine-dining omakase tasting menu experience at Epcot?

Omakase—or “leave it up to the chef”— a special gastronomical experience during which the chef curates the meal – can be found at Takumi-Tei at the Japan Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase.

Meaning “House of the Artisan” in Japanese, Takumi-Tei features 5 beautiful rooms, each inspired by a natural element–water, wood, earth, stone or washi paper. Every area features beautiful, handcrafted works of art honoring the element that brought it to life.

The menu is inspired by the perfect balance of art and nature, where guests can enjoy signature Japanese cuisine and regional flavors.

Select from 2 omakase menus:

  • Kiku – The Omnivorous Course (starting at $250, tax and gratuity not included)
  • Hasu – The Plant-based Course (starting at $150, tax and gratuity not included)

Both menus are specially designed to delight and surprise both connoisseurs and newcomers to Japanese cuisine. Dishes include Japanese A5 wagyu steak, lobster tempura, seasonal sashimi and strawberry yuzu sorbet. Diners should plan for dinner experiences lasting about 180 minutes.

You may also enjoy signature cocktails, premium sake, wine and craft beer. Guests must be at least 21 years of age to consume alcohol.

Today, Takumi-Tei is led by chef Aphisek Yongsirikun, who joined the Mitsukoshi team in 2006 from Thailand, where he learned the basics of Asian cooking. Chef Aphisek started at Mitsukoshi as a kitchen assistant and worked his way up through all the culinary positions to become chef of Takumi-Tei.

Tasty Chomps Interview with Takumi-Tei

Takumi-Tei actually opened in 2020 but had to close due to the pandemic, finally re-opening up in 2022. (We actually visited in February 2020 but the pandemic began before we were able to share the photos and experience – for historical reference, you can see photos from 2020 below)

The restaurant’s name, Takumi-Tei, means “House of the Artisan” in Japanese. Artisanship is all about quality, care, and attention to detail. This name was chosen to reflect the restaurant’s focus on artisanship throughout the dining experience, from the architecture, décor, service, and cuisine. Artisanship plays a significant role in Japanese culture, and the quality of artisanship in Japan is world-renowned.

The artisan concept remains unchanged post-pandemic.

What has changed is the menu selection: before the pandemic, the menu featured Japanese-inspired dishes and offered two dining experiences: à la carte and omakase.


In Japanese, omakase literally means “I’ll leave it up to you.” In Japanese culture, omakase is more than just a meal. It is a way of showing trust and respect to the chef. When you order omakase, you are essentially saying that you trust the chef to choose the best ingredients and prepare them in the best way possible. You are also showing respect for the chef’s expertise and creativity. As the omakase experience allows guests to more fully experience the artisanship concept, after reopening in 2022 Takumi-Tei’s menu features exclusively omakase options.

How would one describe Takumi Tei to someone who has never been before?

Takumi-Tei: Once you are welcomed through the Takumi-Tei entrance by our kimono-clad cast members, you are instantly transported away from the hustle and bustle of the park to a quiet haven of peace, tranquility and beauty. After passing through the magnificent threshold explaining the concept, you are seated in one of our 5 beautiful rooms, each inspired by a natural element–water, wood, earth, stone or washi paper. Every area features beautiful, handcrafted works of art honoring the element that brought it to life.

What are some inspirations behind the dishes and setting for the restaurant?

We offer two omakase menus: Kiku, the omnivorous course, and Hasu – the plant-based course. Both menus were inspired by the concept of artisanship: they express the chef’s creativity and skill while connecting with the past to create something of lasting value. and to create something of lasting value. Every dish is prepared with exquisite attention to detail to ensure it is perfectly prepared: from the temperature of the A5 wagyu steak, to the presentation of the tempura, to the texture of the strawberry yuzu sorbet.

What are some of the must try dishes and why?

The A5 wagyu steak is our must-try dish. It is made from Japanese Wagyu cattle, which are raised in a specific way that results in incredibly tender and flavorful meat. Our wagyu is highly marbled, which gives it a buttery texture and a rich, umami flavor. It is also relatively rare, making it a special treat.

Our must-try beverage is IWA 5 sake. Created by renowned winemaker Richard Geoffroy, IWA 5 is made using a unique blending process called assemblage which blends three different types of sake rice, each from a different region of Japan. The rice is then polished to different degrees, which affects the flavor of the sake. The sake is also fermented with five different types of yeast, which further adds to the complexity of the flavor profile. IWA 5 sake has a rich, full-bodied flavor with notes of fruit, flowers, and spice. Like most artisan products, IWA 5 that is meant to be savored, and it pairs well with both our Kiku and Hasu menus.

Water Room

The Water Room, a quiet and elegant space featuring a waterfall flowing behind the head of the table, offers a unique and exclusive atmosphere, perfect for special occasions or intimate gatherings with friends and family.

To reserve the Water Room––which seats up to 8 Guests––simply contact Mitsukoshi by emailing or by calling (407) 827-8504. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

There is a fee of $100 per party for the private dining experience, which includes exclusive use of the room and a dedicated server to attend to your every need.


Thursday – Monday, 04:00 PM – 07:30 PM

For Reservations and Information, please call 407-827-8504, or email us at

In the Japan Pavilion at Epcot next to the Mitsukoshi merchandise store

You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Takumi-Tei here:

Photos Above Courtesy of Walt Disney World

Photos from Takumi-Tei in 2020 pre-pandemic*

*Note the below photos were taken from February 2020 right before the pandemic and is for historically purposes only.

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