Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Florida Organic Growers (FOG) is seeking new members for their Florida Local Food Project, a network for Florida local food champions.

Did you know there is a network for local food champions that just started here in Florida working to promote local, sustainable food in the Sunshine State?

The Florida Local Food Project is launching a member-only, rapidly growing network of key local food actors across the state providing the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and business connections. The Florida Local Food Network is the online branch of the project that will provide access to resources and tools for local food, exclusive event invitations, increased visibility, and a thriving network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for local food.

They are looking for key stakeholders and influencers, including restaurant owners, chefs, farmer’s markets, farmers, local food businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and food advocates who promote, grow, and/or sell local food within the Florida local food system to join the network.

It’s free to become a member and there is no time commitment to join the network , which serves as a community hub for members to gain resources, connections, and knowledge.
The mission of the Florida Local Food Project is to create a thriving local food system where consumers have ready access to nutritious, locally grown food and where local food producers can thrive, supporting the resilience and prosperity of our communities.

This network not only increases access to fresh local products but promotes economic sustainability, contributes to community resilience, enhances food security, reduces the carbon footprint, supports small-scale farmers producers, and the health and well-being of consumers by offering nutritious, locally sourced goods.

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Becoming a member of the Florida Local Food Project’s Local Food Network offers numerous benefits for local food actors, whether you are a farmer, restaurant owner, local food business, nonprofit, or any other stakeholder in Florida’s local food system.

Here are some more reasons to join:

1. Engage in a Thriving Local Food Network: Membership grants you access to a dynamic network of like-minded individuals and organizations who share your passion for local food. By connecting with this community, you can collaborate, share ideas, and tap into valuable resources.

2. Stay Informed with Newsletters: As a member, you will receive newsletters from Florida Organic Growers (FOG) featuring relevant and up-to-date information about the local food scene in Florida. Stay informed about industry trends, policy changes, and opportunities to further your involvement in the local food movement.

3. Access to Member-Only Platform: Join the member-only platform to engage in discussions, share insights, and seek advice from fellow members. This interactive platform allows you to stay connected with the local food community and gain valuable perspectives from your peers.

4. Acquire Resources and Tools: The Florida Local Food Project offers a wealth of resources and tools to assist local food actors. By being a member, you gain access to these valuable assets, which can help you overcome challenges, enhance your operations, and contribute to the growth of local food in Florida.

5. Exclusive Event Invitations: Enjoy exclusive invitations to Florida Local Food Project events. These events provide excellent opportunities to network, learn from experts, and foster meaningful connections with others who are passionate about local food.

6. Increased Visibility: Joining the Local Food Network will elevate your presence within the local food community. As a member, you’ll gain connections and increase visibility on social media platforms by connecting with Florida Organic Growers.

7. Contribute to a Sustainable Food System: By joining this initiative, you actively contribute to the development of a more sustainable and resilient local food system in Florida.

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Schedule a meeting with either Lana Chehabeddine, Local Food Project Coordinator and Programs Manager, or Kathy Anderson, Events Coordinator, to explore upcoming opportunities, events, member sign up and more.

To book a meeting click here!


They are also hosting their first virtual training on Friday October 27

TOPICS Include:
• Building Relationships in the Local Food System – Lana Chehabeddine (she/her), Local Food Project Coordinator & Assistant Programs Manager, Florida Organic Growers (FOG)
• Adding Value to Your Brand – Meredith Morgan (they/them), Service and Support Manager, Quality Certification Services (QCS)
• Diversifying Revenue Streams – Courtney Ward (she/her), Virtual Market Manager and FFMA Coordinator, Florida Organic Growers (FOG)

Join Florida Organic Growers in their first Florida Local Food Project virtual training, which will address how to 1) effectively build relationships in the local food system and be a part of a statewide network, 2) add value to your brand (as a farm and/or local food business), and 3) diversify your revenue streams.

Following the presentation, we will be engaging in an informative discussion and Q&A session with attendees.

Forum Host: Erica Hall has an extensive background as a community organizer, advocate, trainer, Board member, and Senior Legal Professional who has worked in urban agriculture, food policy, community engagement, neighborhood revitalization, historic preservation and community economic development. She is the Executive Director and Board Chair of the Board of Directors at the Florida Food Policy Council.

The Florida Food Forum is a free event, and a recording will be made available to the public after the webinar. To support their work, please consider becoming a member or making a donation.

Questions? Contact For more information visit us at

ABOUT Florida Certified Organic Growers and Consumers Inc. (FOG)
Florida Certified Organic Growers and Consumers Inc. (FOG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation established in 1987. FOG operates two programs: Education & Outreach and Quality Certification Services. FOG works to educate producers, consumers, media, institutions and governments about the benefits of organic and sustainable agriculture, presenting at tours, conferences, workshops, classes and other educational opportunities. Topics include but not limited to organic and sustainable farming practices, local food systems, Farm Bill opportunities, certification options, marketing, social justice and opportunities and challenges in the organic marketplace.

FOG began as a grassroots organization, with the office located at various times in someone’s kitchen or an unused corner of a barn. The Organic Food Production Act of 1990 required that the USDA develop national standards for organic products, and FOG was heavily involved in the development of the National Organic Program regulations governing organics. The National Organic Program Final Rule was published in the Federal Register in 2000. FOG continues to be very active in policy, including continuing development of the NOP standards, food safety and genetically modified food. FOG is also active in developing and implementing Farm Bill programs.

In 2001, FOG received its USDA accreditation to certify farms as organic under its certification program, Quality Certification Services (QCS). QCS is a USDA and ANSI ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification body that offers a wide array of certification options for farming, livestock, aquaculture, compound animal feed, packing, handling, processing, and wild harvest operations.

As the largest certifier on the United States eastern seaboard, QCS meets the needs of operations regardless of type, location, or size. QCS offers the following certification options: Certified Organic (all scopes), Food Safety Certification (Produce GAPs Harmonized Standards, GFSI recognized GLOBALG.A.P.’s IFA-Crops-FV, PSS, HPSS and IFA-Aquaculture + GRASP + FoS Add-On / CFM for livestock and aquaculture feeds, BRC, IFS), Certified Transitional, Certified Hormone/Antibiotic Free, Organic Aquaculture, Aquaponics, and Specific Trade Practices. FOG’s Education & Outreach Program conducts teaching, research and service that engages the organization with external constituencies.

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