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Italian in College Park: Ragazzi’s Pizza and Restaurant

Ragazzi’s, a family-owned restaurant in College Park specializing in pizza and Italian cuisine, is run by two brothers, Alejandro Abreu and his sibling – with some great guidance from La Nonna (mom). Originally from Venezuela, they purchased the restaurant seven years ago, turning it into a family business.

The inspiration for their culinary journey came from La Nonna, Alejandro’s mother, who always had a passion for cooking. Their interest in Italian cuisine began with Alejandro’s grandfather, who hailed from Genova, a northern Italian city.

The family had the opportunity to live in Italy for several years, where they fell in love with the cuisine. Cooking at home together became their shared passion.

In 2016, they came across an opportunity to buy a business and decided to enter the restaurant industry driven by their love for the kitchen. Throughout this journey, the family has strived to make the Ragazzi’s more authentic, reflecting La Nonna’s recipes.

The menu at Ragazzi’s features a blend of Italian and American dishes. While their pizzas are the most popular items, their marinated chicken wings have also gained significant fame among customers.

We interviewed Mr. Alejandro Abreu about Ragazzi’s and their future plans.

Ragazzi’s in College Park

TastyChomps: What is your favorite Italian dish to prepare, and what makes it stand out?

Alejandro Abreu: Ragazzi’s has always stood out because of our pizza; it’s the star dish of our restaurant.

How do you ensure the authenticity of your Italian recipes, and what steps do you take to source quality ingredients?

We make everything in the restaurant, and all of our dishes are freshly made to order in-house. “La nonna” is always vigilant about ensuring that the restaurant’s standards are met.

Could you tell us about your menu, and what are some of the most popular dishes that customers love?

Our menu offers a variety of Italian and American dishes. In addition to our traditional Italian recipes, we also feature popular American dishes. The most popular items on our menu are our pizzas, but our chicken wings have also gained significant fame. We marinate them using our in-house recipe, making them a must-try at Ragazzi’s.

What is the most challenging aspect of running a restaurant, and how do you overcome it?

The most challenging aspect of running a restaurant is the personnel due to the high turnover of employees in the business.

What is your philosophy when it comes to creating dishes, and how do you balance traditional Italian flavors with modern trends?

Ragazzi’s philosophy is to uphold the essence of traditional Italian flavors while incorporating modern culinary trends. We balance the two by respecting traditional techniques and ingredients while infusing innovative elements to create a harmonious and enticing dining experience.

What are your future plans for the restaurant, and how do you see Italian cuisine evolving in the coming years?

Ragazzi’s future plans could include expanding our menu offerings, exploring new culinary concepts, enhancing the dining experience, or even opening additional locations. These decisions would depend on various factors such as market demand, customer preferences, and our vision of the restaurant.

The future of Ragazzi’s and the evolution of Italian cuisine will depend on a combination of factors, including customer preferences, market trends, and the ability of the restaurant to adapt and innovate while staying true to the essence of Italian culinary traditions.

Ragazzi’s Pizza & Restaurant
3201 Edgewater Drive,
Orlando, FL 32804

Photos by Tiffany Nguyen @bytiffanynguyen

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