Falafel Cafe – UCF Area

Falafel Cafe – UCF Area

In search for delicious kebab platters and gyros from the near east at the footsteps of UCF? Look no further. Falafel Cafe, a Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurant, has been around for a while near UCF on the corner of Alafaya Trail and University Blvd right next to the CB&S; bookstore behind Applebee’s. The logo at Falafel Cafe is the Cedar Tree, a symbol of Lebanon.

For starters choose from traditional salads, taboulehs, hummus, grape leaves, and more. Lentil soup is offered during lunch as well, complimentary. For my meal I choose the combination kebab platter, a trio of freshly marinated and grilled chicken, kafta, and beef (or lamb) kebabs ($15.99) with a healthy heap of rice. My friends order the gyro ($7.50). Although I enjoyed my meal, I must say it was a bit expensive. I’ll try some of their other less expensive meals next time and report back.

Chris admiring the inner decor of Falafel Cafe

Lentil soup at Falafel Cafe by UCF

The pita bread at Falafel Cafe by UCF

Lap at Falafel Cafe at UCF

A Look inside the Gyro at Falafel Cafe at UCF

The Combination platter with chicken, beef, and lamb at Falafel Cafe

Delicious Combo platter with a slice of orange


Falafel Cafe on Urbanspoon

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